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daily link  Sunday, January 11, 2004

Knowing how to find the people you need: Cool story about how a weblog programmer volunteered a very productive few days to the Dean campaign.  8:36:52 PM  permalink  

Nanoparticles and health: "In a study carried out on rats, U.S. researchers have shown that carbon nanoparticles can move inside the brain after being inhaled, and also move from the lungs into the bloodstream. Both Nature and the Guardian publish interesting stories about this potential new danger to our health."  8:28:05 AM  permalink  

Top Five Social Investing News Stories of 2003: Includes a note on climate change reporting: "the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR) is a coalition of ten state and city treasurers and comptrollers and labor pension funds that collectively manage over $1 trillion in assets. INCR issued a ten-point “Call for Action” that commenced with a recommendation to support the Rose Foundation’s rulemaking petition for the SEC to enforce and enhance its environmental liability disclosure rules.   “The corporate and financial communities are reaching consensus that it is indeed a fiduciary duty to at least assess and report on the risks associated with climate change and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr. Falk."  8:17:04 AM  permalink  

Social Capitalists: List of "top 20" social enterprises, including Benetech and Room to Read.  8:14:38 AM  permalink  

Visualizing Connections: "Exploring the corridors of iterated similarity you get on Google is a good way to spend an afternoon. That's what makes the TouchGraph Google Browser so much fun. Entering a URL lets you see a graphical map of its various "Similar pages" links, as well as the pages similar to those pages, and so forth. It's Java-based, so it presumably runs on anything able to run JRE 1.3+, with typical Java alacrity."  8:09:56 AM  permalink  

MT Plugin Directory: MT Resources and Newsfeeds: Help for users of Moveable Type, from an extensive directory of add-ons.  Also found an interesting story about A Movable Type Intranet, where the comments are also worth reading.  And, a user noting some useful addons.  12:22:55 AM  permalink  


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