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daily link  Saturday, August 23, 2003

'I Should Always Believe Journalists,' He Said, Adding: 'Please Pray for Me.': Tribute to two UN officials killed in Baghdad:  "Sergio and Nadia lived lives of sacrifice and substance. Their deaths both shame and mock the armchair warriors, the television talk-show mudwrestlers, the pontificators, the manipulators and the simplifiers. Their deaths are a reminder that imperium, no matter how benign its intent, is never altruistic, and calls forth its own responses. And their lives are a reminder that it is just possible to do some small good in this rank, sorry, blood-drenched world."  5:26:32 PM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, August 21, 2003

Exile on Mainstream: Good quick review of Florida 2000 election rigging, as reported by journalist Greg Palast and recorded in the documentary "Counting on Democracy."  11:54:59 PM  permalink  

Dead or alive: Chemical Ali is captured: "Smuggled videos from [1991] show him observing executions - and reveal a spectacular lack of conscience. "Who will say anything?" he tells a group of party officials. "The international community? Fuck them."  9:15:43 PM  permalink  

Unready for Anthrax: Stanford study and reccommendations:  "In any attempted terrorist attack against this country, smallpox and anthrax would be the only two biological agents capable of causing mass casualties. And while the government has invested considerable effort in planning for a potential smallpox attack, no equivalent plan exists for anthrax.

In a recently completed study, we looked into various emergency responses to an airborne anthrax attack and concluded that the United States is woefully unprepared. Two pounds of weapons-grade anthrax dropped on a large American city could result in more than 100,000 deaths.. Not enough people would receive antibiotics quickly enough to prevent symptoms from developing, and those who developed symptoms would overwhelm the medical facilities."  A 4-point plan is proposed.

  7:34:16 AM  permalink  

Olympic wind in China: "The recently-launched wind power project in the county of Zhanbei in Hebei Province is scheduled to be finished in the year of 2008. The construction, involving 1 mln kW of generating capacity and RMB 1.6 bln (USD 193.31 mln) in investment, is aimed at guaranteeing supply for the Olympic Games. "  7:18:56 AM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Smartphones "to eclipse handheld computers: "Handheld devices, such as the Palm Pilot and Research in Motion's Blackberry, will suffer an 8.4 per cent drop in sales to 11.35m units this year, according to technology forecaster IDC. In contrast, smartphone shipments from companies such as Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson will jump 260 per cent to 13.1m units in 2003, the strongest year of growth for the technology category."  10:36:26 AM  permalink  

Good thing our PM doesn't have more power: Criticism of anti-semitic comments by Malaysia's Mathahir:  "Perhaps someone should take some time to explain to our dear Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that a Jew is not necessarily a Zionist by birth, just as all Muslims are not terrorists. While he blows hot in every interview about how collective judgement by the west and the subsequent categorisation of all Muslims as terrorists is wrong, Mahathir proves yet again that he is all talk, and nothing else:

"There only about 13 million Jews worldwide but they want to control the world, not because of their religion but because of their Zionist inclination; and they do it by capturing the most powerful nation, that is, the United States."

.. I shudder that while the west is in control militarily and politically, there are many who are against bigotry towards Muslims and Arabs - and as such, temper the inclination of their own hawks.  In the case of Mahathir, there are no Arabs or Muslims who speak out against such blind hatred and bigotry.  Perhaps then, the neutrals are right, that the status quo of the western might should prevail, so that the likes of Mahathir and his brethren should never be given international power over others."

  8:58:32 AM  permalink  

Saudis flooding into Iraq 'preparing for jihad': "Saad al-Fagui, a UK-based Saudi dissident, said the Saudi authorities were concerned that up to 3,000 Saudi men had gone "missing" in the kingdom in two months, although it was not clear how many had crossed into Iraq. Saudis who have gone to Iraq have established links with sympathetic Iraqis in the northern area, where they have hidden in safe-houses, a Saudi Islamist source said yesterday. Pressure on Islamists in Saudi Arabia has grown since the bombing of an expatriate compound in May killed 35 people. The subsequent arrest of many Islamists has forced some underground while others are trying to flee to Iraq. "If all the avenues are closed and there is a huge gate to Iraq and it's their life wish to fight jihad, they don't have to go far," said Mr al-Fagui. He said he had been told of the 3,000 "disappeared" by a security official inside the kingdom. "Part of this movement of people has been individual, but it is getting more organised now."  8:54:57 AM  permalink  

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