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daily link  Friday, December 19, 2003

Facts of US energy use from correspondence:  The average US household spent $1338 on energy in 1997, consuming 101 million BTU of energy. This does not account for energy costs associated with generation and transmission of electrical energy consumed in the home. Accounting for these charges, the figure for domestic energy use is increased by about 70%.  Within household energy consumption, 40% is for appliances and lighting, 30% space heating, and 30% water heating and air conditioning. 

How could we reduce domestic energy consumption without compromise to function? Options could involve smart control systems to ensure that power is not consumed when associated functions are not in demand. Energy use in buildings (residences and offices) accounts for 27% of total end-use energy consumption in the US, comparable to use by industry (26%) and only slightly less than that consumed by transportation (38%).

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Making Web Services Work at Amazon [Dec. 09, 2003]: "In order to create conditions for success, the terms needed to protect the rights of both the developers and of Amazon itself. While providing a degree of openness in order to foster creativity and adoption, the license needed also to sustain Amazon's business model. Practical issues include ensuring data freshness and preventing excessive server load. These needs were met with licensing constraints including one API call per second, a ban on reselling data, storing non-price relevant data for 24 hours maximum and pricing data for 1 hour maximum, and a mandatory link to amazon.com.

The next issue was that of protocols. Should they support SOAP or XML over HTTP (that is, REST)? In the end Amazon provided both and let developers make the choice. Despite it being the "standard", only about 15% of Amazon web services calls are made with SOAP, the remainder with REST. "

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Project Cyrus: "The Cyrus Electronic Mail Project is continuing to build a highly scalable enterprise mail system designed for use in a small to large enterprise environments using standards based technologies. The Cyrus technologies will scale from independent use in small departments to a system centrally managed in a large enterprise. "  Open-source development based at Carnegie Mellon, using IMAP, IMSP, SSL, etc.  Many docs at The Cyrus Wiki, including Cyrus Technology Overview.  10:27:49 AM  permalink  


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