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daily link  Wednesday, December 10, 2003

worldKit :: easy web geovisualization :: Examples: "WorldKit is an easy to use and highly flexible mapping application for the Web. It's a Flash based app, configured entirely by XML and requires no programming or extra software. It's in the style of World as a Blog, with many more features: customizable design elements, multiple projections, thumbnails to plot paints, ...

If you have any sort of geographic information .. such as environmental data, weblog, site visitors, travel diary, photo albums, news .. on worldwide or local scale, check out worldKit. Take a look at the examples, and the manual. Download for free, for personal or non-commercial use."

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Plan  B if Kyoto fails: "does the world have a plan B for bringing the emissions of greenhouse gases under control?
  Contraction & Convergence model

The answer is yes, and it goes by the name "contraction and convergence", or C&C. The idea has been around for a decade, but lately it has been gaining ever more influential converts, such as the UK's Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, the UN Environment Programme, the European Parliament and the German Advisory Council on Global Change [and] the World Council of Churches"

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LETTER FROM ASIA; China Is Romping With the Neighbors While U.S. Is Distracted: "Karim Raslan, a Malaysian lawyer and writer who traveled to Washington recently on a Fulbright scholarship, put it this way. The American ''obsession'' with terror seems tedious to Asians, he said. ''We've all got to live, we've all got to make money,'' said Mr. Raslan. ''The Chinese want to make money and so do we.'' ..

In Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines (and to a lesser extent Thailand), Washington's primary concern is the presence of Islamic militants. China's main interest is to scoop up what it can for its modernization. Indonesians have come to call this new relationship with Beijing as ''feeding the dragon.''  ..

Not everyone is convinced that China's courtship of the region will last forever. ''They're making progress because we're invisible and distracted; or bull-headed when we do show up,'' said Robert L. Suettinger, the author of the recent book ''Beyond Tiananmen'' and a member of the National Security Council during much of the Clinton administration. ''There's no natural condominium for China in Southeast Asia. But I think it would behoove us to pay a bit more attention.''  But the more provocative Mr. Przystup counters, ''Today, China is East Asia's great power.''

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