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daily link  Sunday, December 07, 2003

Doubts grow on WMD claim: "The Sunday Telegraph yesterday published an interview, in which the Iraqi said he passed secret information to British intelligence warning that the dictator had deployed WMD to the frontline. However, last night, question-marks were gathering around the story, not least over the man's claims that the Iraqi-made WMD warheads were to be fired on the battlefield by hand-held rocket-propelled grenade launchers, a weapon of very limited range."  He didn't know for a fact what they held, but guessed based on procedures.  ""We cannot determine exactly, but the procedures taken show that these were indeed WMD," he said. "It might have been chemical or biological but it was definitely unconventional weapons.""  10:36:42 PM  permalink  

CBEN The Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology: Rice University nano research center focuses on environmental impacts:  "The research in this theme area endeavors to guarantee that nanotechnology emerges as a positive, powerful tool for improving our environment. Two project areas look at the fabrication and applications of membranes in which nanochemistry has provided fine control over pore density, morphology and surface chemistry. Chemistry, modeling and environmental technology are blended in these collaborative programs aimed at the production of better water treatment systems, catalytic supports and filters. The third project area measures the potential for nanostructures to influence the fate and transport of organic and inorganic contaminants in water.  .. This information makes it possible to anticipate the unintended consequences of passive sorption onto nanoparticles in waste streams; in addition, it also provides a springboard for the intentional design of separable nanoparticles able to sequester waste products. Future work in this area will expand to include the interaction of nanoparticles with biological systems, such as bacteria, so as to enable the center to develop a comprehensive environmental impact statement for nanomaterials."  8:03:25 PM  permalink  

The File-Sharing Debates: "Why do the publishers and movie studios let the library get away with it? For that matter, why don't they object to the Blockbusters of the world, who let people rent movies by the millions?’   “The answer is, ‘Because they don’t have a choice.’

Copyright law requires copyright holders to give up their ability to control distribution of those works once they have put them into the stream of commerce. This principle, commonly referred to as the ‘first sale doctrine,’ is codified in Section 109 of the Copyright Act. The first sale doctrine gives libraries and video retailers the right to rent and sell prerecorded videos and video games without the authorization of the copyright holder.” 

Hmm. I wonder if a vendor supplied a tivo-like Internet appliance, and did a Netflix-type subscription service, so my in-house appliance always had a certain limited amount of digital content ready to go.  The appliance network vendor could prove that only an exact limited number of copies of any given work was in appliances at any one time. 

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Iraqi source of 45-minute WMD claim: "Lieutenant-Colonel al-Dabbagh, who said he was the head of an Iraqi air defence unit in the desert .. explained that the weapons he was talking about were battlefield weapons to be fired from rocket-propelled grenades, and were not for use in missiles. "They arrived in boxes marked 'Made in Iraq' and looked like something you fired with a rocket-propelled grenade," Col al-Dabbagh told The Sunday Telegraph. "They were either chemical or biological weapons; I don't know which, because only the Fedayeen and the Special Republican Guard were allowed to use them. All I know is we were told that when we used these weapons we had to wear gas masks." When shown the information about the 45-minute claim in the Iraq WMD dossier issued by the Government in September 2002, he said: "I am the one responsible for providing this. Forget 45 minutes, we could have fired these within half an hour." ..

Col al-Dabbagh said he had no idea what became of the weapons he was describing. He believed the weapons would not be found until Saddam was caught or killed, as people would then feel freer to speak about them. "

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