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daily link  Tuesday, November 04, 2003

U.S. Wants Nicaragua to Destroy Shoulder-fired Missiles: "U.S. authorities have sought to buy or seize the tens of thousands of such weapons thought to be dispersed around the world. But U.S. concern has been growing since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nicaragua was sent thousands of the missiles during the 1980s, when it had a Marxist Sandinista leadership and a military alliance with the Soviet Union. More recently, Nicaragua has become a source of weapons for terrorists in Colombia. U.S. officials fear the missiles could be used against helicopters there"  3:43:35 PM  permalink  

Iraqification: Losing Strategy "There are no shortcuts out. Iraq is America's problem. It could have been otherwise, but in the weeks after the war the administration, drunk with victory, refused to share power with the world. .. Talk about a drawdown of troops sends exactly the wrong message to the guerrillas. In the words of one North Vietnamese general, "We knew that if we waited, one day the Americans would have to go home."

"The central problem in Vietnam," says Brookings's Kenneth Pollack, "was that we had a corrupt and ineffective local government that did not inspire either the allegiance or the confidence of the Vietnamese people. Whatever happened militarily became secondary to this fundamental political reality." We don't have that problem in Iraq. But a hasty Iraqification will almost certainly produce it. "

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Gold "nano-bullets" shoot down tumours "The tiny silica particles are plated with gold and heat up when near infrared light (NIR) is shone on them. This kills the cancer cells... Body tissues are essentially transperant to NIR...

The Rice University team created nanoparticles from a non-conducting core of silica with a diameter of 110 nanometres and a 10 nm thick metal shell. Gold was used because it is biologically inert. When the nanoshells were added to human breast cancer cells in the test tube, and then exposed to both NIR, 100 per cent were killed, says West. "And we saw no changes in cell viability with just nanoshells or just the laser - it's a true on/off situation." The team also injected the nanoshells directly into the tumours of living mice and applied NIR. The tumours were destroyed within days. ..

The team has now engineered the nanoshells to specifically target tumour cells. In a recent study, submitted to Cancer Letters, they injected mice with nanoshells attached to an antibody that only binds to cancer cells. She says the tumours were "completely destroyed" and 150 days later the mice were alive and well with no tumour growth."  The heat from the nanoshells makes holes in the cancer cell walls to kill them.

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Power Engineering magazine: " Private finance and asset management firm New Energy Capital, LLC (NEC) and energy consulting firm KEMA Inc. announced Tuesday that they have entered into an agreement designed to promote investments in renewable energy and distributed generation.

NEC is raising capital to make equity investments in renewable energy, distributed generation and energy productivity projects, assets and developers. KEMA will provide a broad range of technical and financial due diligence services to support NEC's decision-making process. .. Dan W. Reicher, a founder and Managing Director at NEC, stated, "KEMA's support will greatly enhance our capabilities and complement our other strategic alliance partners." In addition to his role at NEC, he is also Executive Vice President of Northern Power Systems, Inc."

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BP Launches Rural Solar Project Initiative (October 28, 2003): "BP will lead an initiative with partner countries and financial bodies to structure a framework that simplifies the process by which funds are granted. The new framework for project terms would apply not just to solar PV but to any other form of renewable energy project for the developing world. The framework would standardize key areas such as the bid process, the evaluation criteria, the payment terms, maintenance, and performance criteria and remove anything that contributes to cost-adding unnecessary bureaucracy or, as importantly, does not support delivery.

Within the terms of this framework, BP will provide solar panels and services at cost over the next two years to developing world projects created under the auspices of the REEEP framework... the very fact that the business is approached as an intermittent series of projects increases costs because the start-up costs are repeated each time, and there are no economies of scale." The outcome of the proposed new framework is that it will help stimulate funds flow and efficient project administration and execution and contractors such as BP are held to account for delivery so that many more larger scale projects can be viable."

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