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daily link  Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Iraqis condemn suicide attacks, blame foreigners:  Lebanese coverage of bombings in Baghdad:  "Like many Iraqis, Yassen Saeed is convinced that a surge of suicide bombings which has killed dozens of civilians in Baghdad is the work of foreign extremists seeking to sow chaos for US-led occupation forces.  .. It might be one of the few things on which Iraqis agree with US President George W. Bush, who on Tuesday pointed to foreign Islamic fighters as key suspects behind the rise in violence along with fighters loyal to ousted President Saddam Hussein. "  11:53:18 PM  permalink  

Iraq's No Vietnam: "The people who mounted the attacks on the Red Cross are not the Iraqi Vietcong. They are the Iraqi Khmer Rouge a murderous band of Saddam loyalists and Al Qaeda nihilists, who are not killing us so Iraqis can rule themselves. They are killing us so they can rule Iraqis.  Have you noticed that these bombers never say what their political agenda is or whom they represent? They don't want Iraqis to know who they really are. A vast majority of Iraqis would reject them, because these bombers either want to restore Baathism or install bin Ladenism.

Let's get real. What the people who blew up the Red Cross and the Iraqi police fear is not that we're going to permanently occupy Iraq. They fear that we're going to permanently change Iraq. .. Most of the troubles we have encountered in Iraq (and will in the future) are not because of "occupation" but because of "empowerment." The U.S. invasion has overturned a whole set of vested interests, particularly those of Iraq's Sunni Baathist establishment, and begun to empower instead a whole new set of actors: Shiites, Kurds, non-Baathist Sunnis, women and locally elected officials and police. The Qaeda nihilists, the Saddamists, and all the Europeans and the Arab autocrats who had a vested interest in the old status quo are threatened by this.

Many liberals oppose this war because they can't believe that someone as radically conservative as George W. Bush could be mounting such a radically liberal war. Some, though, just don't believe the Bush team will do it right."

  11:41:34 PM  permalink  

Texaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems scalable modular solid metal hydride hydrogen storage: "TOHS' solution is its proprietary hydride storage system, which can be used both at the refueling site and onboard the vehicle. It uses a powdered metal alloy within a storage tank to absorb and store hydrogen in a significantly lower 1,500 psi pressure environment, a reversal of the current trend toward 10,000 psi gaseous storage. This system works by absorbing hydrogen into a solid metal alloy while removing any heat released by this reaction. The result is hydrogen that is now stored safely in a solid, inert state, only to be released on demand when heated. This process would ideally make use of the waste heat from either an internal combustion or fuel cell powerplant. Showcasing this breakthrough is a hybrid sedan (a 2002 Toyota Prius) that TOHS has modified to run on its new low-pressure, solid hydrogen storage system."  Pictures included.  4:30:04 PM  permalink  

Wireless on a bike: "a recently launched wireless project brings e-mail to 13 villages in [northeastern Cambodia]. Early every morning, five motorcycles leave Banlung, the provincial capital. Each has a wireless device and antenna on the back. Before the motorbikes leave Banlung, they download e-mail messages for the remote regions from a central server.

The cycles then fan out to remote towns where solar panels on the roofs of schools provide enough power to run a computer for six hours a day. As they pass each remote location, messages are uploaded using a Wi-Fi connection built into the device on the back of the motorcycle. Similarly, outgoing mail is retrieved from the school or hospital and stored on the device. At the end of the day, the couriers return to Banlung and transmit all the collected e-mail to the Internet."

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