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daily link  Friday, October 24, 2003

The full text of Rumsfeld's memo on the war on terror.  11:50:54 PM  permalink  

al-Qaida planned to attack U.S. embassy in Kenya: "Al-Qaida operatives planned to destroy the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi in June with a truck bomb and a hijacked plane loaded with explosives, a plot described in a Kenya police report seen by The Associated Press on Friday. The report, based on an interrogation of a terror suspect, could explain why the U.S. Embassy was closed June 20-24 and why Kenyan officials banned flights from June 20-July 8 to and from Somalia, a lawless neighbor and suspected haven for terrorists."  11:33:18 PM  permalink  

Carrots and Fuel Rods: "A news article in the Lebanese Daily Star titled "Iran nuclear pledge is victory over Washington" shed more pragmatic light on the details of the new agreement. According to the Star, Iran does not recognize the Oct. 31st deadline for proving that its nuclear program is "entirely peaceful," though it has now turned in documents to prove that point. Moreover, Iran has said nothing about how long it will suspend its uranium enrichment program or what might cause it to resume the process. The article quoted Israel's military intelligence chief ominously asserting that "if Iran completed its uranium enrichment program, it would be able to produce nuclear weapons without outside help within one year.""  9:31:49 PM  permalink  

Trusted Email Open Standard: 10-point summary of TEOS, which includes extensions to SMTP to verify identities, make assertions about message contents, and allow multiple authorities to certify the correctness of assertions.  ".[Messages] that come from senders who are prepared to identify themselves are more likely to be legitimate than those that don't..  [Assertions will be useful because] it is a lot riskier to lie about messages when people know who you are".  More details here  12:44:20 PM  permalink  


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