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daily link  Wednesday, October 22, 2003

CSIR Launches New Open Source Centre: "The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on Friday launched an Open Source Centre as part of broader endeavors aimed at stimulating the adoption of Open Sources Software Technologies in Africa. The center will be operating from CSIR in Pretoria. The CSIR, the largest scientific and technological research, development and implementation organisation in Africa, has been operating for more than 50 years."  11:52:39 PM  permalink  

Tata Energy Research Institute TeriScope newsletters carry interesting stories. In this recent issue:

  • The GNESD (Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development), launched by UNEP at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, is a network of centres of excellence in the developing world working on energy, development, and environmental issues.  Related institution: South Africa’s EDRC
    (Energy and Development Research Centre),
  • TERI has worked with the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development (Canada) in developing potential CDM projects in Bangladesh, China, India, and Indonesia. Other related organizations included the Prototype Carbon Fund, International Emissions Trading Association, Asian Development Bank, EDRC, and Natsource.
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Record Heat Wave in Europe Takes 35,000 Lives: "A record heat wave scorched Europe in August 2003, claiming an estimated 35,000 lives. In France alone, 14,802 people died from the searing temperatures—more than 19 times the death toll from the SARS epidemic worldwide. .. Though heat waves rarely are given adequate attention, they claim more lives each year than floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined. Heat waves are a silent killer, mostly affecting the elderly, the very young, or the chronically ill."

Health risks are magnified when humidity is high, the heat lasts 2 or more days, in cities where night cooling is less than rural areas (esp. "heat islands"), and where the air is polluted.  Other killer waves in the US with over 700 deaths each were in LA in 1955, NYC 1972, Chicago 1995.   "Over the last 25 years the average global temperature rose by 1 degree Fahrenheit, or 0.6 degrees Celsius. The IPCC's projected rise in temperature for this century is a global average, but the temperature is expected to rise more over land, where people live, than over sea. .. The World Meteorological Organization estimates that the number of heat-related fatalities could double in less than 20 years."

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