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daily link  Sunday, October 19, 2003

Smart InFlow Power: "In commercial and industrial pipes where gases, liquids, or solids exert enough extra pressure to turn a small turbine, renewable electric power can be generated allowing utility companies, manufacturers, even owners of high-rise buildings to produce their own electricity or sell the power and create an additional source of revenue. These new smart turbine devices called Flow-to-Wire(sm) are a compact and more efficient version of much larger hydropower equipment used successfully around the world. The surplus power created by Flow-to-Wire(sm) can be a byproduct of a chemical reaction, occur during the release of stored compressed gas, or result from gravity pulling material from an elevated physical position to a lower one...

The power will qualify for renewable status in most states.  To maximize efficiencies and safeguard water supplies against homeland security threats, Rentricity has built integrated sensors into the devices to provide data that will enable water utilities to track flow, pressure, and vault intrusion.  Individually, a Flow-to-Wire(sm) system will produce on average 30 kilowatts (KW) to 50 KW -- enough to meet the usual demand of up to 50 homes or a portion of an industrial facility. Rentricity expects to install its devices in thousands of locations worldwide.. Rentricity is part of the Rensselaer Incubator Program"

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America Must Let Iraq Rebuild Itself: The current president of the Iraqi Governing Council writes in the NYT: "it is vital to call up the Iraqi Army and the national police force, at least up to mid-officer level. The coalition's early decision to abolish the army and police was well intended, but it unfortunately resulted in a security vacuum that let criminals, die-hards of the former regime and international terrorists flourish. .. Most of these soldiers are Iraqi patriots who chose not to fight for Saddam Hussein. Americans should not confuse the Iraqi Army with the hated Republican Guard, which Saddam Hussein created precisely because he distrusted the legitimate military.  .. The coalition and the Iraqi Interior Ministry can vet officers to remove those who committed crimes under the old regime, and then rapidly redeploy the most capable units to work with, and progressively relieve, American troops of security duties. Iraqi Army units have an established chain of command and esprit de corps. Not only can they be recalled to barracks immediately, but it would be much easier and quicker to retrain and re-equip them within their existing organizational structure than to start from scratch.

.. In addition, the Iraqi national police must also be recalled. Most Iraqi policemen — as opposed to Saddam Hussein's feared intelligence and security organs — are dedicated to law and order. The United States does not have the time or money to create a police force from the ground up, nor is it necessary, because we have a large, organized force that is ready and willing to serve."

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High-Performance Photovoltaic Project: Entech 440x concentrator: "Project Objective: Develop a new 440X, 27%-efficient photovoltaic concentrator module which is a "plug-and-play" replacement for ENTECH's existing, field-proven 21X, 13%-efficient module. The new module will use advanced multi-junction cell technology to be provided by lower-tier subcontractor Spectrolab, to replace the silicon cell technology used in the existing module. New color-mixing Fresnel lenses will be required to provide the primary 21X concentration and the secondary 21X concentration, together yielding a 440X overall concentration. The new module will fit into existing field-proven sun-tracking arrays, including the SunLine 2-module array for small power applications and the SolarRow 72-module array for large power applications. Due to the anticipated doubling of module and array efficiency, the delivered energy economics for the new systems are expected to be much better than for the existing systems." Longer paper available.  10:35:15 AM  permalink  


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