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daily link  Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Iraq Shake-up Skipped Rumsfeld: "Rumsfeld was asked several times why the changes were necessary. "I think you have to ask Condi that question," he said, according to a transcript posted on the Web site of the Financial Times.  Pressed, he said: "I said I don't know. Isn't that clear? You don't understand English? I was not there for the backgrounding."

One source said the perception among some in the administration was that the Pentagon had been "neutered" by the changes, inasmuch as the White House now will be involved in budget and other decisions that had been the sole province of L. Paul Bremer, the civilian administrator in Iraq, who reports to Rumsfeld. 

White House press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters Monday that Rumsfeld had been "very involved" in the overhaul. McClellan said last night that he found out later that Bremer was involved but Rumsfeld was not. "I received some bad information about that," he said."

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Rumsfield confused: "Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, said on Tuesday he had not been told by President George W. Bush or the National Security Council that the White House was to restructure the handling of postwar Iraq before the media were briefed on the plan by NSC officials...  "I don't know quite what the purpose of the backgrounding [to the New York Times] was . . . she gave a background, she said what she said, and the way I read the memorandum is that it is basically what the responsibility of the NSC is and always has been, which is what's been going on," he said.  Mr Rumsfeld added: "My impression of it is that that is what is the charter of the National Security Council, and I haven't been able to detect any difference from the memo - unfortunately it's a classified memo, it shouldn't be, there's nothing in it that's classified."  ..

But people close to the Pentagon said on Tuesday that Mr Rumsfeld's account appeared to be at odds with that of Ms Rice who told the New York Times that she had devised the new structure with Mr Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, the secretary of state, and Dick Cheney, the vice-president.  Before issuing her memo, Ms Rice had been criticised for giving the Pentagon too much control in Iraq.Paul Bremer, civilian administrator, and General John Abizaid, chief military commander, report to Mr Rumsfeld. "

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VeriSign Sitefinder suspended: "E-mail spam blockers [were] one of Site Finder's casualties. The blockers bar mail from nonexistent Internet domain names, but Site Finder makes it look like all domain names exist, rendering a key blocking mechanism useless, Schairer said.  He also said that devices that allow blind people to read Web pages rely on specialized error messages that can be circumvented by Site Finder.  Similarly, non-English-speaking web users were diverted away from error messages in their own languages onto an English-only Site Finder search page. Chinese authorities actually took steps to disable Site Finder on their national networks because of this problem. "  Verisign returned to previous operation after multiple ICANN requests, but says it retains the rights to return it to service.  5:11:23 PM  permalink  

Ghana rural electricity: High proportion of PVs, using export financing from Spain, China, India, and Korea:  "Under the project, financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ghana Government, 2,300 solar systems have been installed in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions in schools, residential property, health facilities and water pumping systems, as well as street lighting. 

The Minister said the government was sourcing a 15 million-dollar and a six million-dollar funding from the Spanish government and the China Exim Bank respectively for the development and expansion of solar systems throughout the country. .. Dr Nduom announced that under the Rural Electrification Programme, the government was seeking 25 million dollars from Exim Bank of India and 50 million dollars from the Korean Exim Bank for the extension of electricity to the rural areas.

Dr Nduom said under the Rural Electrification Programme 1,000 communities would be connected to the national grid throughout the country while 650 other communities would be connected under the Self Help Electrification Programme (SHEP)... Mr John Nuworklo, Northern Regional Director of NED said VRA/NED had signed a contract for the supply of 50,000 pre-paid meters for the next three years for distribution to customers."

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Mason HQ: "Mason is a Perl-based web site development and delivery engine. With Mason you can embed Perl code in your HTML and construct pages from shared, reusable components. Mason handles caching, debugging, templating, maintaining development and production sites, and more. Mason is 100% free and open source." Features and documentation online.  XSLT has some supportSQL interface with session management provided via Perl libraries.  1:41:01 PM  permalink  


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