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daily link  Wednesday, October 01, 2003

FBI fails to re-create anthrax production: "Two years after the nation's deadly anthrax attacks, the FBI still has not been able to re-create the process the killer used to produce the substance sent through the U.S. mail, a top FBI official said Monday."  The FBI is also backing away from its designation of Stephen Hatfill as a "person of interest."  10:33:08 PM  permalink  

Saudi Arabia's Overrated Oil Weapon: A conservative's revaluation of Saudi power.  "When the American political community realizes that the world economy is not in Saudi hands as much as the Saudi economy is in the hands of Western oil buyers, Washington can stop being afraid of the Saudis. .. there is no strategic imperative for the United States to reduce its "dependency" on imported oil by reducing oil consumption. We should make sure that world oil-production capacity stays comfortably ahead of world demand for oil. We should also ensure that there are large stockpiles of oil to improve the short-term balance of supply and demand. And we need to stop feeling dependent when we are not. These measures are all feasible and have moderate costs. "  6:53:41 PM  permalink  

Internet & ICTs for Social Justice and Development News - APC: "The majority of the community development workers (CDWs) interviewed were found to be accessing a wide range of development information disseminated through the WorldSpace from the C-MAD  (Community Mobilization Against Desertification) offices. They shared the information with local communities mostly through listening to the audio channels and downloading."  5:32:28 PM  permalink  

bridges.org - case studies and bridge builders: "ICT-Enabled Development Case Studies Series: Africa ." 9 case studies so far.  5:29:41 PM  permalink  


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