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daily link  Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Urchin Web Analytics Software: Seems to have a good reputation, mulitplatform, and Verio uses them.  3:20:51 PM  permalink  

ST tackles alternative solar cells: "The Franco-Italian semiconductor manufacturer ST Microelectronics (ST) is developing alternative materials to make cheaper solar cells. ... The ST researchers are following two alternative approaches. The first is based on a so-called Graetzel cell (a device invented by Michael Graetzel of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1990), which uses a method similar in principle to photosynthesis. In the Graetzel cell, an organic dye absorbs light, while a nanoporous metal oxide layer transports electrons. Holes are transported in the reverse direction by a liquid electrolyte. Coffa says that ST is looking to replace these liquid electrolytes with a conductive polymer. "This could lead to further reductions in the cost per Watt, which is the key to making solar energy commercially viable," he said. The second idea that the ST researchers are working on is to use a mixture of fullerene and a copper-based organic compound sandwiched between the cell's two electrodes."  More info on the ST site.  Also, a CNN article quotes targets of $0.20 per watt.  11:24:08 AM  permalink  

Remember Anthrax?: a 2002 review of evidence and questions.  Congressional testimony also online.  10:03:58 AM  permalink  

Google Viewer: "The Google Viewer displays the pages found as a result of your Google search as a continuous scrolling slide show." Neat - check out the results from 'cgnet services'.  9:43:40 AM  permalink  

Google Search by Location: Experimental Google interface, mapping the results, kinda like MetaCarta.   Still rough around the edges.  Try 'nuclear' in 'detroit,mi' or 'pizza' in 'palo alto,ca' (after pressing 'Search smaller area' a few times).  It also allows other search terms, like limiting the search to waiter.com which actually improves the results.  Wonder when they'll go international?

  9:39:09 AM  permalink  

Blog back and forth:  Interesting criticism and rebuttal about Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine, with intelligent comments that clarify the issues.  9:10:19 AM  permalink  

CSS generator for multi-column formats. And, List-o-matic, a rollover menu generator.  8:56:41 AM  permalink  


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