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daily link  Monday, September 29, 2003

Buddhist Economics by E. F. Schumacher: Classic 1966 essay, later collected into the 1973 "Small is Beautiful."  10:09:26 PM  permalink  

XML Standards for Emergency services: The draft Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) announced by the technical committee of the Emergency Management XML Consortium (EM-XML) is intended to establish a format for data interchange among local, regional and national warning and hazard alert systems. Information collected would then be forwarded to appropriate warning and emergency-response institutions. [CRN 08.12.03]  5:00:03 PM  permalink  

Rabo India plans $30m renewable energy fund: "Rabo India Finance, a 100% subsidiary of Rabobank Nederland, is setting up a $30m private equity fund dedicated to financing renewable energy projects in the country.  The ‘Renewable Energy Equity Fund’ is still in the process of mobilising funds from domestic and global investors before formally launching the fund in March ’04."

  12:24:49 PM  permalink  

The latest works: Great visual illusions.  11:52:47 AM  permalink  

Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination.  Interesting looking 3D space with DIY avatars.  "Linden Lab is a privately-held company established to develop Second Life, an extraordinary new form of shared 3D entertainment."  11:35:43 AM  permalink  

XSLT Filter for IIS: "XSLTFilter is an ISAPI filter that performs XSL Transformations on XML, xHTML and HTML. It is designed primarily for use with Active Server Pages (ASP) on Internet Information Server (IIS). .. Using an XSLT filter is a sort of half-way point in the separation of presentation from logic. Most web applications mix presentation and logic together. ASP-based sites seem to be as or more prone to this than other web application frameworks. Upgrading and standardizing the presentation of a web application is often difficult and time-consuming. By using an XSLT filter at the output stage, some extra separation and modularization can be achieved. It also allows complete separation of presentation and logic if one wishes, but does not force an immediate move to that paradigm."  11:30:20 AM  permalink  


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