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daily link  Saturday, September 27, 2003

Quovix : Interesting custom software development company of 10 software managers with a stable of over 400 freelancers around the world.  "We contract on a project-by-project basis to meet your software development needs. Because of our unique approach of recruiting and employing software developers around the world, we can offer you the benefits of offshore development (cost savings and access to technical talent) without the biggest risks (communication and cultural barriers). We guarantee delivery. A midwest team with offshore savings."   They offer a free download of a collaboration package, an area in which they have a specialized code base.

A short note from 2001 says more on how they work: "How do you harness a workforce of 455 coders, most of whom you've never met? "Simple," says Marty Morrow, CEO of the two-year-old startup. "I focus on the three phases of virtual-product development: water, slush, and ice." The water stage occurs when Quovix lands an assignment. Morrow's team posts the project to Quovix's Web site, where developers click in with feedback. "Hundreds of people provide input and ideas," says Morrow.  If Quovix wins the contract, it enters the slush stage. "We define the project down to a gnat's eyelash and put it out for more feedback. Then we put a price tag on the project, and we run a reverse auction. The person with the most experience and lowest bid wins." Once the project is awarded, it enters the ice stage. This is when the work gets done. "We have tighter control over the developers in our community than most companies have over staff developers who are sitting 20 feet away," says Morrow. "We run daily test patterns on their work, and we know within a day if we've got a problem."

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RITE - Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth :  A Japanese research institute on many environmental remediation topics.   There are many references on the web, including a GHG research directory for Japan.   In particular, Tadashi Matsunaga from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan is finding marine microorganisms that can many useful substances, including hydrogen.  10:01:04 AM  permalink  


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