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daily link  Sunday, September 14, 2003

Gateway Snags First Grid Customer, May 2003: "Gateway has signed on the American Diabetes Association as the first customer for its Grid computing service.
The ADA will use Gateway's Processing On Demand solution, backed by United Device's Grid MP Alliance platform, to accelerate diabetes research. The platform will run software to help the ADA analyze clinical programs and treatments, develop clinical practice guidelines, study the efficiency of care processes, set priorities and plan diabetes research. .. By using the Gateway solution, the ADA says it has already experienced a dramatic improvement in the time it takes to process a component of diabetes related research - from 48 hours down to one hour .. For more information, visit http://gateway.com/work/services/pod.shtml or www.ud.com/alliance." 

Further details at Gateway Grid Used in Diabetes Research :"For example, researchers can plug in data involving patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, and then run various scenarios through the application to determine the benefits or disadvantages of administering disparate levels of medicine, Kahn said. They could find out the impact on patients, inventory, hospital costs and doctors fees, he said. .. On a single system, it would take 100 hours to run each scenario through the application, he said. Using Gateway's grid, that has been cut down to 30 minutes, and Kahn said he expects to get it below five minutes .. "

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Gateway Sells Processing by the Gigahertz Hour: Update on Grid gateway: "you can literally buy Gateway PCs by the clock cycle at the rate of 15¢ for an hour of one gigahertz' worth of computing power. To use the horsepower of one thousand 2.4 GHz PCs, you would pay $360 an hour. .. When a customer submits a job to GPOD, Gateway's engineers first validate the program, and then schedule it for execution. The grid server takes the job, partitions it into many small pieces that can be executed independently, and distributes them to the individual PCs in the grid network. The PCs execute the small jobs and return the results to the grid server. The server then compiles the results into the final solution to be presented to the customer. No special modification to the source code is needed, but you need to port the application to the grid environment by writing a "wrapper" using the United Devices SDK. For customers who want a completely transparent solution, Gateway can provide the application porting service as well. "  8:03:23 AM  permalink  


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