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daily link  Wednesday, September 03, 2003

City of Berkeley Converts Fleet to 100 Percent Biodiesel: "The City of Berkeley will celebrate a milestone on June 24, 2003 at the City's Biodiesel Vehicle Exhibit recognizing Berkeley's conversion to 100% Biodiesel diesel vehicles. The conversion has been in place for the last six months and is now planned for the long term. To the best of its knowledge, Berkeley is the first city of its size in the country to convert to 100% Biodiesel for virtually an entire fleet. "  (180 diesel vehicles)  12:01:22 PM  permalink  

New Solar-Powered Window System: "The Dynamic Shading Window System (DSWS) is made of clear plastic panels that fit in between two panes of glass. On each panel are dozens of small, pyramid-shaped units, or modules, made from semi- translucent focusing plastic lenses, that track the motion of the sun. Sensors, embedded in the walls or the roof, ensure that the units are always facing the sun to capture all incoming rays while at the same time deflecting harsh, unwanted rays from a building's interior. Each unit holds a miniaturized photovoltaic (PV), or solar-cell, device used to collect light and heat that is then transferred into useable energy to run the motors, also embedded in the building's interior walls. The remaining energy is used for heat, air conditioning, and artificial lighting. The surplus energy can be directly and automatically distributed through wires inside a building's walls, or can be stored in a group of batteries, for later use."  11:54:24 AM  permalink  

Bin Laden bio-attack?: "Osama bin Laden held a "terror summit" in Afghanistan to outline plans to use biological weapons in his next "unbelievable" attacks, according to Taliban sources quoted by Newsweek magazine on Sunday.  .. "His priority is to use biological weapons," the source told the magazine, claiming the al-Qaeda network already had such arms but now was addressing how to transport and disperse them.  .. "The plan was reported delayed and revised after the March capture of al-Qaeda operations chief Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in Rawalpindi, Pakistan," Newsweek reported. "  8:59:07 AM  permalink  


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