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daily link  Monday, August 25, 2003

Stats on giving: "The richest 5 percent of households (those with an adjusted gross income of $140,000 or more) contribute 40 percent or $61 billion of the $152 billion a year given by individuals. Similarly, the 2 percent of estates valued at $3 million or more made 75 percent or $12 billion of the $16 billion in charitable bequests"  5:14:59 PM  permalink  

Gyandoot: Community-Owned Rural Internet Kiosks: Worldbank report on Indian network of rural single-computer entrepreneurs.  4:29:57 PM  permalink  

Virtual Projects: P2P spaces for Groove, Jabber, Magi ...:  Mostly groove spaces listed, for developers and a few specialized areas.  3:32:51 PM  permalink  

Town agrees to repair shrine, pay victims:  Amusing story of how a local battle was defused.  "by Saturday, at least in Tuz Khurmatu, the situation was relatively calm, said [US Army Capt.] Swenson. He met with religious leaders that evening and arranged what would turn into a marathon negotiation session on Sunday in the sea-foam green ornate office of the town mayor, a Kurd.   Sweating in his fatigues and presiding over the room from the mayor's desk -- the mayor at his left, an outwardly patient Swenson cajoled the men into drafting and signing a document condemning the destruction of the shrine and apologizing for the deaths on Friday. Swenson meant to come out of this meeting with a written agreement and it was going to be honored. ..

"I will never run for city council," said Swenson, gripping the bridge of his nose and squinting his eyes with frustration and fatigue. "When I get home, I am going to have a beer and then fly to Australia for two weeks and not see anyone." When the meeting closed -- more than five hours after it started, with none of the assembled showing any signs of wanting to leave the room as they chatted and embraced and mopped sweat from their brow -- the young tank commander sighed. "Nobody trained us for this," he said."

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