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daily link  Thursday, August 21, 2003

Exile on Mainstream: Good quick review of Florida 2000 election rigging, as reported by journalist Greg Palast and recorded in the documentary "Counting on Democracy."  11:54:59 PM  permalink  

Dead or alive: Chemical Ali is captured: "Smuggled videos from [1991] show him observing executions - and reveal a spectacular lack of conscience. "Who will say anything?" he tells a group of party officials. "The international community? Fuck them."  9:15:43 PM  permalink  

Unready for Anthrax: Stanford study and reccommendations:  "In any attempted terrorist attack against this country, smallpox and anthrax would be the only two biological agents capable of causing mass casualties. And while the government has invested considerable effort in planning for a potential smallpox attack, no equivalent plan exists for anthrax.

In a recently completed study, we looked into various emergency responses to an airborne anthrax attack and concluded that the United States is woefully unprepared. Two pounds of weapons-grade anthrax dropped on a large American city could result in more than 100,000 deaths.. Not enough people would receive antibiotics quickly enough to prevent symptoms from developing, and those who developed symptoms would overwhelm the medical facilities."  A 4-point plan is proposed.

  7:34:16 AM  permalink  

Olympic wind in China: "The recently-launched wind power project in the county of Zhanbei in Hebei Province is scheduled to be finished in the year of 2008. The construction, involving 1 mln kW of generating capacity and RMB 1.6 bln (USD 193.31 mln) in investment, is aimed at guaranteeing supply for the Olympic Games. "  7:18:56 AM  permalink  


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