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daily link  Thursday, August 07, 2003

Diamond necklace exposed Bhutto money-laundering trail: "in 1995 two companies, SGS and Cotecna, took up a contract for customs inspection of goods being imported into Pakistan.   [A Swiss] judge cited letters showing that 6% of the amount paid by the Pakistani government under the inspection contract would be paid as commission to companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. One of these, Bomer Finances Inc, received $8.2m and another, Nassam Overseas Inc, received $3.8m, the judge found.

The beneficial owner of Bomer Finance is Ms Bhutto's husband, Asif Ali Zardari, but in reality she shares the assets with him and has the power of disposition, the judge said.  The beneficial owner of Nassam Overseas is Nasir Hussain, who at the time was Ms Bhutto's brother-in-law, he added.

Evidence of Ms Bhutto's role in Bomer Finance emerged from a visit to London during which she bought a diamond necklace at a Knightsbridge jeweller's.  The £117,000 bill was paid partly in cash and partly with money from Bomer Finance's account. "

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Blix on the war: "The former chief United Nations weapons inspector, Hans Blix, yesterday added his voice to the debate on America's postwar administration of Iraq. Dr Blix denounced the US-led war as a violation of international law, and accused the White House of having other reasons to invade besides "the officially pronounced purpose to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction".

"I cannot see that the action, in the way it was justified, was compatible with the UN Charter," Dr Blix said on Swedish radio. "An important element surely was the need to show striking power after the terror attack on September 11, 2001.""

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