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daily link  Monday, July 21, 2003

Apple Co-Founder Creates Electronic ID Tags: "Mr. Wozniak described WozNet as a simple and inexpensive wireless network that uses radio signals and global positioning satellite data to keep track of a cluster of inexpensive tags within a one- or two-mile radius of each base station. WozNet, he said, will include a home-base station that has the ability to track the location of dozens or even hundreds of small wireless devices that can be attached to people, pets or property. The tags, expected to cost less than $25 each to produce, will be able to generate alerts, notifying the owner by phone or e-mail message when a child arrives at school, a dog leaves the yard or a car leaves the parking lot. "  The tags encrypt data, and send at rates under 20kpbs, via any nearby base station, allowing a neighbor's base station, or a community one, to report on your tags.

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Engineers Without Borders - USA: Building a Better World One Community at a Time: "The mission of Engineers Without Borders is to help disadvantaged communities improve their quality of life through implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects, while developing internationally responsible engineering students. "  Canada has 21 Chapters.  EWB doesn't have a digital development focus yet, but culd benefit from one.  5:42:28 PM  permalink  

Falun Gong's on TV: "MILLIONS of Chinese television viewers got a shock this week [June 2002] when  Falun Gong propaganda was beamed into their living rooms as members of the banned sect hijacked one of China's main television satellites.  And in Beijing, surprised residents answered their phones this month
to find a recorded Falun Gong message, up to five minutes long,  attacking the Government's anti-Falun Gong claims point by point.  The hacking incidents highlight Falun Gong's sophistication and audacity as the group attempts to fight back in China and overseas.

The satellite broadcast, in which a banner reading "Falun Gong is good" replaced normal TV viewing in Shandong province on Sunday night and again in prime time on Tuesday, is among the group's most daring moves since it was banned in 1999...

A news blackout was enforced on the mainland and security officials and TV stations denied all knowledge of the incidents yesterday. ..

Officials are reportedly perplexed as to how Falun Gong had the knowledge and equipment needed to intercept a satellite broadcast. There was speculation sect followers had equipped a vehicle to avoid notice. A human rights and democracy centre said an antenna with a diameter of 3m could disrupt reception for hundreds of kilometres. ..

Falun Gong's recorded telephone message -- sent to an unknown number of Beijing residents, and probably further -- claimed the Government had fabricated the incident in which three Falun Gong supporters set themselves alight in Tiananmen Square in January 2001. The recording also said sect followers were beaten and tortured in prison, and invited listeners to follow prompts to hear more information or Falun Gong songs. "

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