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daily link  Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Renewabale Energy Corp (RECO) says it has perfect hydrogen solution: "Solarec, uses a system of mirrors to harness and concentrate the power of the sun to crack water molecules, thereby releasing the hydrogen. Unlike typical systems for deriving hydrogen, RECO's system at no point relies on fossil fuels, thus eliminating one of the fundamental flaws of the much-discussed fuel-cell industry -- the release into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, which some believe contributes to global warming.. The company's first dish, which measured about seven square meters and costs about $30,000, operated for about two years. The next one, components for which are being assembled at the company's small office, will measure about 20 square meters and will be located south of Santa Fe. Jensen says the company is about one to two years away from commercializing its first Solarec systems. Angel investors have injected about $700,000 into the company, he says, noting that RECO is looking for a larger investment to help it market the Solarec system."  11:34:19 PM  permalink  

Parks Watch - Strengthening Parks To Safeguard Biodiversity:  "ParksWatch is a watchdog and monitoring organization that works through partnerships with in-country NGOs and individuals to conduct on-the-ground evaluations of national parks and other tropical protected areas.   Our information is used to analyze threats to parks' conservation viability, identify strategies for overcoming the identified threats, and help government agencies, NGOs and community groups succeed at the ultimate goal of strengthening parks in their role as the world’s primary instrument for the protection of biodiversity."  THey compare themselves to Amnesty Intl for parks.  11:19:34 PM  permalink  

Peru protected area map and partners:  Cordillera Azul National Park:  Interesting collaboration among conservation organizations with interactive map and links to NASA, Field Museum, Conservation Intl, Moore, etc.  11:16:10 PM  permalink  

Beijing weighs up, then rejects, invasion of N Korea: "China asked its military to study a quick intervention in North Korea but decided that its relationship with the United States was more important than propping up the Stalinist state, with which it shares a border.  A source in Beijing said the study for a pre-emptive Chinese invasion was ordered by a Chinese Communist Party working group formed in late February under the country's senior leader, Hu Jintao. 

The result of the study was negative. The People's Liberation Army concluded that although the Chinese-North Korean border was only lightly defended, the Chinese lacked the logistical capability of racing to the demilitarised zone facing South Korea.  "That this kind of thing is being considered in China tells us about the gravity with which this is being regarded in Beijing," said a senior Western diplomat closely following the crisis.

The source said the Chinese working group took the view that China's economic interests in keeping regional stability and co-operative relations with the US far outweighed its strategic stake in North Korea. Moreover, it is now confident that Korean nationalism would see the Americans off, should the peninsula be reunified under the Seoul Government. China's role in bringing about a resolution to the nuclear brinkmanship in the Korean peninsula is vital, and its preparedness to accept a democratic, capitalist and unified Korea on its border is a substantial development that will please the West."  Thus a possible end-game: the Chinese knock off Pyongyang, and the north into the south on the condition that the US and Japan leave.

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