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daily link  Monday, July 14, 2003

Tungsten photonic crystal: New sub-micron lattices of tungsten convert between electricity and light and heat at extremely high efficiencies.  This could be the basis for post-LED efficient lighting.  It may also prove useful for conversion of waste heat into visible light in a narrow concentrated band suitable for efficient conversion to electricity, which could be useful in electrical generators, solar installations, or hybrid cars.  "Sub-micron-featured lattices -- which resemble very tiny garden lattices carefully stacked one atop the other -- can be mass-produced cheaply with today's computer-chip technologies. The lattice itself can be visualized as a construction built of a child's Lincoln Logs. The tungsten "logs" of this experiment have diameters of 0.5 microns separated by distances of 1.5 microns. The lattices are also known as photonic crystals because of the crystalline regularity of the spacing of their components. At first such crystals were of interest because they could bend specific frequencies of light without loss of energy. This was because the crystal's channels were constructed of exactly the right dimensions to form a "home" for particular wavebands as they travelled. The innovation of the current method is to use the channels not to bend light but to permit input energy to exit only in the desired frequency bands."

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ZoneEdit.com: Web-based internet domain name management, and cheap too.  2:32:21 PM  permalink  

The Messaging Engine: An Austrlian service provider, offering an online interface to "An engine for people wanting to sell own-brand email services [and] A complete email outsourcing solution for business of all sizes."  2:27:05 PM  permalink  


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