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daily link  Monday, July 07, 2003

Cringely reviews Telepulse: "there is a new technology in town called Dynamic Time Metered Delivery that applies to copper phone lines many of the spread spectrum techniques developed for radio communication. Combining techniques like Direct Sequence, frequency hopping, and Code Division Multiple Access, DTMD allows the entire frequency range of copper to be used, resulting in a single twisted pair being capable of carrying more than 22 megabits-per-second out to distances of more than 12,000 feet from the Central Office. That is eight times the coverage area of VDSL and the difference between a technology that can be used by a small percentage of customers to one that can be used by nearly all customers. And even out where I am in the boonies, DTMD can do something DSL can't -- it can use multiple wire pairs in parallel to increase aggregate bandwidth. Need 132 megabits-per-second in town? DTMD can do that by using all six wire pairs installed in most homes. Even my house can have 42 megabits-per-second using the same technique. And this service is highly resistant to the very line conditions that kill DSL. DTMD was invented by a startup called TelePulse Technologies."  1:09:30 PM  permalink  

Mary Tolan's Modest Proposal - replace oil with hydrogen.  Rising star at Accenture promotes big oil's crash conversion to hydrogen within 20 years, with federal assistance.  George Shultz chairs Tolan's 20-member advisory board.  Tolan's plan includes RMI's idea to hook up the cars to the grid when parked.  Two interesting tidbits:

  • She "frequently has to debunk "bogeyman" notions, such as one oil-industry estimate that it will cost as much as $500 billion just to convert filling stations to hydrogen. Tolan's estimate is $130 billion. "
  • "Big oil companies, Tolan says, "have exhausted their typical ways of spending." The days of oil megamergers are probably over, and replacing petroleum reserves costs so much that it makes less and less economic sense. Since 1996, in fact, industry leader ExxonMobil (XOM) has found no better use for some $20 billion than to buy back its own stock. "
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