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daily link  Monday, June 30, 2003

Don's light, lamp and strobe site:  Large collection of info on lighting, including efficient LEDs.  6:44:56 AM  permalink  

Sabotage in Iraq, not just "looting":  "Allied officials say they recently obtained a document prepared by the Iraqi Intelligence Service calling for a sabotage campaign in case of Mr. Hussein's ouster. Marked "secret" and dated Jan. 23, the document was found in the southern Iraqi city of Basra but is marked for distribution to intelligence officers throughout the country. The "emergency plan" in the document outlines 11 steps, including looting and burning government offices, sabotaging power plants, cutting communication lines and attacking water purification plants, a familiar list to anybody who followed events in Iraq over the last two months. .. This reporter recently reviewed a copy and an English translation, which are circulating among allied commanders who say they believe that the document is authentic. .. Sabotage was not the only strategy advocated by the Iraqi Intelligence Service plan. The intelligence document also suggested recruiting exiled Iraqis who return from abroad; infiltrating new political parties and Islamic groups, particularly in Najaf, a Shiite religious center; buying stolen weapons; and assassinating Shiite anti-Baathist leaders."  The article cites examples of natural gas plants, oil pipelines, and water treatment plants where damage was not done to steal but merely to disable the plants.

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