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daily link  Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Voyager to a Strange Planet: Profile of a prominent online player: "Thedeacon is a celebrity. Mr. Stenlund, meanwhile, feels trapped - trapped in a town too far from big cities where big things happen, trapped in a hand-to-mouth existence, trapped in a mean little culture of cheap thrills and fast-food television. That is why he has spent an average of seven hours a day in the last month on Rubi-Ka. That is why he has spent more than 2,400 hours on the planet in the last two years. That is why Rick Stenlund has become Thedeacon."  6:29:27 PM  permalink  

Cango.Net: Central Asia Non Governmental Organizations Network: Interesting site with catalog of NGOs building civil society in central Asia.  5:27:45 PM  permalink  

Electric utilities plug Homes Into the Internet: ""Within minutes of opening the box, the customer can be on the Internet," Keith McLean, who heads the Internet project for Scottish and Southern Energy in Perth, Scotland, said late on Tuesday.   The modem plugs into the wall, then the computer. No extra software is needed. The three dozen players who attended the Power Line Communications summit from Europe, Japan and the United States hope for big growth, although obstacles remain.   So far, Scottish and Southern has run a pilot project of 200 people using the system. They are ramping up to a new system to serve 15,000 people at 29.99 pounds a month. ..

Industrial experts say Europe leads the new technology with tests at Endesa in Spain, Enel in Italy, EnBW in Germany and EDP in Portugal. Basic equipment is made by Ascom of Switzerland and Main.Net of Israel. Signal is sent at 10 megabits per second across high, medium and low-voltage lines in a band from 1.6 to 30 MhZ, that of short wave frequencies. Victor Dominguez Richards, strategy director for DS2 of Valencia, Spain, which researches and designs system equipment said: "We have a development path to handle much more.""  Eastern Europe is seen as a major market.

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