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daily link  Friday, June 06, 2003

Russia Will Ship Nuclear Fuel to Iran: "Russian Atomic Energy Minister Alexander Rumyantsev said the Bushehr reactor is now set to open in 2005, not next year as originally planned, because some equipment had to be replaced.   Iranian officials have said they expect the reactor to come on line later this year. The delay may indicate that Moscow had tacitly yielded to the U.S. pressure to slow down the contract until Iran proves it is not covertly building nuclear weapons.

Shafei said Tuesday that Iran plans to produce its own civilian nuclear fuel, but has agreed to buy Russian uranium for the first 10 years of Bushehr's operation. .. Yakovenko said Thursday that Russia would ship uranium fuel for Bushehr only after Iran agrees to return spent nuclear fuel. That proviso appears aimed at ensuring that Iran would not be able to get plutonium, which can be derived from reprocessing spent fuel from reactors. Shafei said Russia's push for the return of spent fuel resulted from U.S. pressure, but said Iran was ready to sign that agreement once Russia sorts out internal obstacles linked to its environmental protection legislation. "Iran is ready to sign this agreement even today," he said."

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