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daily link  Thursday, June 05, 2003

$5.4M solar plant to rise in Mindanao: "According to a statement from the International Finance Corp., the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, the 950-kilowatt project for Mindanao will be the largest distributed, grid-connected photovoltaic installation in the developing world. Gavin Murray, IFC director for environment and social development, said the IFC and Cagayan de Oro Electric Power and Light Company, Inc. (CEPALCO) have agreed to finance a $5.4-million (about P287 million) solar photovoltaic power project in Mindanao, with partial funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF). "  11:39:01 PM  permalink  

The disappearing weapons: One theory why the presence and threat of weapons were essential to Saddam, and why the US found it urgent:  "Saddam could no longer rely on his rusting army to stop a purposeful Shiite rebellion, but the threat of chemical and biological weapons could keep them in line. It is with an eye to intimidating the Shiite, Baram says, that caused him to use nerve gases to halt a Kurdish uprising in 1988. "Saddam's forces, especially after the end of the Iran-Iraq war could easily have destroyed the Kurdish revolt with the use of conventional weapons. The use of chemical weapons were to indicate to the Shi'ah that they were suffer the same fate," Baram concludes. If Saddam had successfully established that he had no chemical or biological weapons and admitted vast numbers of foreign inspectors and Western aid groups, the Shiites might well have seen their chance and revolted. One U.S. diplomat told United Press International in Amman during the war that the timing of the U.S. victory in Baghdad was crucial, "so we would be there before the Shi'ah and their Iranian friends could set up a government.""  5:34:20 PM  permalink  

Human Edge Tech: purveyor of equipment and stories about tech in austere conditions.  North Pole expedition blog.    NYT article.  ".. the Defense Department and firefighting groups were tracking their work with the idea that such methods might be adapted to reduce accidental troop casualties or to track emergency workers in buildings or in dense smoke.  Other options allow the outside world to track a trekker's movements. An explorer might, for example, take along a small transmitter like those used to monitor the migrations of rare wildlife, from elephant seals off Patagonia to the reclusive forest elephants of the Congo basin.  A French company, CLS, uses satellite networks to monitor the position and condition of explorers carrying the device. The version used by adventurers can send 10 different signals and, with prearranged codes, alert a support team to changing conditions.."  12:37:29 PM  permalink  

How Geekcorps works:   "In 2001, Geekcorps joined forces with the International Executive Service Corps and now operates as an independent division of that 38-year old nonprofit.. We basically work with [local IT] people to build up their businesses. We look to see who has a lot of ISPs, who's got loose ISP licensing laws, who's doing regional software development. .. In many countries, we work where we can get USAID support; that's been our best and most consistent sponsor."  USAID provides about 90% of funding.  1500 volunteers are registered.  They do about 50 missions per year, 4-6 months each.  Culture similar to Peace Corps, for short durations.  Blogged entries on a talk by founder  (two found) lists leads.  12:04:51 PM  permalink  


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