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daily link  Friday, May 30, 2003

Networked iris recognition cameras: "Airports in Canada, the UK and Holland have already started using iris recognition for a variety of secure applications, ranging from customs clearance and immigration to secure border control to speed up travel time for passengers. Nineteen state prisons in the U.S. are iris-enabled for access control, and more recently, an iris recognition medical records management solution has been launched at the University of Alabama.  In Peshawar, Pakistan, the UN Refugee Agency is using an iris-recognition system among Afghan refugees  So this is not future technology, it is present technology. ..

What isn't going on here is the tracking of every individual by their iris patterns as illustrated in the movie, Minority Report. The distinction here is critical. What Morton's Camputers can do is look at an Iris coming through a turnstile, and decide if it is the iris of some limited number of specific people on the lam. Once the iris pattern is detected it is compared to a dictionary of dozens or, at most, hundreds of fugitives. To do what was shown in the Cruise movie would require comparing the iris pattern against a database of every iris on Earth. Camputers can't do that -- at least not yet. "

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ExxonMobil's Chairman Lee Raymond reckless disregard of European Regulations: "ExxonMobil Chairman Lee Raymond's defence of the Oil giant's environmental record - denying data on global warming and the growth of the renewable energy sector - would be laughable were it not for his reckless disregard for upcoming European Regulations "capping" greenhouse gas emissions. Institutional shareholders may or may not be interested in whether Mr. Raymond personally believes in global warming, that surely is his business. However, shareholders sure ought to be interested in the whopping bill ExxonMobil will incur if the corporation fails to take action to comply with EU law in 2005. ..

Mr. Raymond, by his public comments to shareholders, is exposing himself and ExxonMobil to unnecessary contingent liability. As Chairman and CEO of a publically listed company, Mr. Raymond has to personally vouch for the consolidated accounts of the global operations of ExxonMobil. So says section 302 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act. He further has to vouch for contingent environmental liabilities pursuant to the same legislation. Counsel for the corporation may wish to advise the Chairman that disclosure, in SEC filings, of any material costs of the compliance by subsidiaries with European regulations in 2005, is a good idea. Thus, Mr. Raymond can trash global warming in public all he wants - his views are protected by the First Amendment - whilst the corporation can mitigate its litigation risk by recognizing other countries do believe in this phenomenon, and are going to regulate it.

Perhaps Mr. Raymond's statements provide support for corporate governance advocates to separate the Chairman and CEO role, to avoid such schizophrenia between the personal views of the steward of a corporation and the policy of the body corporate itself."

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Solar power case study: Details on how a Bay Area company installed a PV system for the cost of grid power, and will own the system after 6 years.  "Prevalent Power financed 75% of the project costs through rebates and tax incentives. By financing the purchase with a tax-oriented lease, the client's monthly lease payment is roughly the same as what they would otherwise be paying the utility for the energy they now generate on their own."  10:09:52 PM  permalink  

Green giant? : Nice review of the LEED system and on-site renewables in application to new World Trade Center buildings.  10:00:27 PM  permalink  

Iowa to harness wind at compressed air power plant: "A group of Iowa municipal electric and gas utilities plans to build a $200 million generating station based on a technology called compressed air energy storage, or CAES, near Fort Dodge, Iowa, .. starting work on the plant site is the second half of 2004 with completion in 2006. The Iowa Stored Energy Plant would store compressed air in an underground aquifer to be released and blended with natural gas to fire combustion turbines to make electricity for transmission over the state's power grid. Compressed air would replace about two-thirds of the gas normally burned in a turbine.  Backers said the stored energy could generate up to 200 megawatts of electricity, or power for about 200,000 homes. 

Energy from a new 100 megawatt wind power farm would be tapped to run compressor motors to force air into the aquifer at a pressure of 500 pounds per square inch.  Wind turbines also could generate electricity for direct transmission over the grid, with 1 megawatt powering about 300 homes."  The benefit is generating and selling power when it's needed most and brings the best price.  "There is only one other compressed air energy storage plant in operation in the United States, the Alabama Electric Cooperative Inc.'s 12-year-old McIntosh power station in McIntosh, Alabama."


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Philippine solar plant: "Roxas said Sun Power Corp. plans to invest $300 million in the Philippines over the next five years to put up a 150-megawatt photovoltaic plant or solar cell project. This was announced by Sun Power Corp. president Richard Swanson and Cypress chief financial officer Manny Hernandez. Sun Power, a unit of Cypress Manufacturing Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of ultra high-frequency silicon solar cells. The first phase would produce 25 megawatts that would reach a maximum output of 150 megawatts in 2006."  9:52:00 PM  permalink  

deltathree - The IP Communications Network: "deltathree's products and services can be accessed via a wide range of devices."  Recc'd by a satcom provider in the middle east.  Also, Go2Call  lists many devices: "Use any IP phone/gateway. We recommend these:

  • Cisco ATA 186/188, 827, 17xx, 26xx, 36xx, 53xx Gateways
  • Cisco IP phones (e.g. 7960)
  • Pingtel Xpressa
  • COM21 VOXport 2020
  • Quintum Tenor
  • Elanza Webphone
  • Welltech
  • Formosa
  • Elesign ESC series "
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