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daily link  Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Energy Innovations: Developing the Sunflower 250 thermal solar collector, aiming at 4x more cost effective than PV.  Andrew Beebe is president of the company.  "During daylight, the Sunflower 250 uses its proprietary tracking system to automatically position each of the petals in its concentrator to reflect the sun onto a hot cap in the middle of the petals.

The Sunflower 250 generator, a Stirling engine, sits beneath that hot cap. As an "external combustion" engine, it uses that heat to create pressure on and mechanical movement by the piston beneath the hot cap, which in turn generates electrical power.  The electricity can be used directly or can be fed into the electrical grid or can recharge batteries.. The Sunflower 250 also produces hot water that can be used to supplement a home water or pool heating system."

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Balloons for broadband: "The system works by floating a helium-filled envelope in the air, which is held stationary and fed signals via a fibre optic [tether cable]. Such a system would offer net access at more than double the speed of most broadband services currently available. "  18 balloons would cover all of Britain.  Each balloon hovers 1.5 km up, covering 2000 sq miles (40 km radius), 1-10 mbps subscriber rate, 30,000 subscribers. Company: Skylinc.  10:14:52 AM  permalink  


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