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daily link  Friday, May 16, 2003

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Mass Graves, Pointed Questions: " the Bush administration seems to have been taken by surprise by the chaos that has engulfed Iraq in the wake of our military action to oust Saddam Hussein. It should not have been. Qualified observers of international affairs warned of this likelihood well in advance. One of the best qualified was George Kennan. Interviewed by The New Yorker in October 2002, Mr. Kennan expressed his concern that with the military invasion of Iraq apparently imminent, the administration did not seem to have plans to cope with "the great state of confusion" that would follow hostilities. Mr. Kennan stated the fear that "any attempt on our part to confront that latent situation by military means alone could easily serve to aggravate it rather than alleviate it." Mr. Kennan, it seems, was better informed than the administration about how different a good war plan is from a good peace plan."  1:26:24 AM  permalink  


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