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daily link  Monday, May 12, 2003

Hotmail founder offers voice-mail to India technophobes: "The service allows users to record a one-minute message in English or Hindi on their mobile telephones and send it to another handset anywhere in India, the United States and Canada at a fraction of the cost of a long-distance call. "  Bio of the founder.   5:27:20 PM  permalink  

Battle of the blog builders: "SixApart, the company behind the Movable Type weblogging system, is to lanch a new "hosted" service called TypePad later this year. .. SixApart also announced that they had received a major investment from the Japanese venture capitalist firm Neoteny.  Run by Joi Ito, himself a famous Japanese weblogger, this investment is allowing not just for the launch of the new services, but also the employment of Anil Dash, a famous New York weblogger, as head of marketing and business development."

  5:15:41 PM  permalink  

Social climbers: A review of "social software".  5:15:25 PM  permalink  


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