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daily link  Friday, May 09, 2003

Growth in south India power: Minister for Electricity and Industries Nainar Nagendran today announced 1100 of new coal and gas generation.  In addition "in the current year, Tamilnadu was expected to achieve 1000 MW power capacity in wind power generation.  .. To increase power generation, private entrepreneurs would be encouraged to involve themselves in biomass-based power plants from where 300 MW of power would be supplied in next two years.  The Electricity Minister said the government was allotting a sum of Rs 11.94 lakh in the current year to provide subsidy for installing solar water heaters in hostels, private institutions and government hospitals. "

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Utility to Offer Community-Wide Wi-Fi: "Since 1998, Benton Public Utility District (PUD), the power supplier for the county, along with other PUDs throughout the northwest United States have had an agreement to lease dark fiber put in place by the Bonneville Power Administration. These lines are used for power generation operation, but that only takes about 3 percent of their capacity. So, as of 2001, Benton PUD had connected to the fiber to create a network backbone that could serve high-speed Internet access to every building in the Tri-Cities area.  The problem was actually getting it to those buildings. .. The final decision: Go with Wi-Fi. Access points with amplified antennas could be installed on the light poles throughout the area -- not a problem since Benton PUD owns them -- and on buildings wherever the dark spots might be.

In a move similar to what Cometa Networks plans for its business model, the Benton PUD" wholesales it to any ISP.  So far two have signed up, and there's no restriction for more...

Seattle-based Chameleon is a contract partner with the Benton PUD on Project Durango. The company's Service Provider Broadband Suite is the software at the heart of the wireless service, providing central management for the service providers using the network. It sits on the network itself, hosted by the Benton PUD, and lets the individual ISPs set what they need.

More than just homes and businesses will be able to use the network. The Benton County Sheriff's office, for example, can use it right from police cruisers, as the network will offer subnet-roaming for users moving from access point to access point. 

Zenk says he expects the cost of service to be comparable to broadband cable or DSL -- around $40 to $50 per month for about 1Mbps of download bandwidth. Of course, the ISPs can compete .. Zenk says with multiplexing, they could offer up to 100Mbps off the fiber. "

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