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daily link  Thursday, May 08, 2003

Three Getaway Trucks: "Where does one take such truckloads of cash? Not to a family palace or home, the first places to be bombed or searched. Logic suggests a city outside the war zone. There the money could be laundered to make it untraceably fungible -- able to secretly purchase North Korean missiles and nukes, or be used for bribes to Russian guardians of warheads, to pass weapons on to terrorist groups. That danger is what makes finding that money more than a satisfying solution to a massive theft -- it's an urgent matter of national security. ..

the Fed tells me that $312 billion in $100 bills is floating around the world, twice as much as exists in the U.S. of that denomination of our currency. (That "float" amounts to an interest-free loan from the world to us.)..."

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Internet Access for the Cost of a Cup of Coffee:  "Free Wi-Fi access, he said, is similar to other features he has adopted to make his restaurant more appealing. "It's like the wood furniture, and the tile in the restrooms, and the art on the wall," he said. "You're doing all these things so people will select your restaurant."  .. Sometimes the Starbucks customers can get [access] for nothing.  Mr. Wooley pointed out that customers at a Starbucks in downtown Austin can get a free signal from the Schlotzsky's in the same building, well within the 300-foot range typically needed for a signal. .. Mr. Wooley has a liberation plan for the Austin airport: install an antenna at the airport Schlotzsky's, which is adjacent to many of the departure gates."  10:09:04 PM  permalink  

Japan looks at punishing North Korea for abductions: "Japan is considering imposing economic sanctions on North Korea over the abduction of Japanese nationals ago by the communist state to train its spies two decades ago.  The position was confirmed by Japan's Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, and his chief cabinet secretary, Yasuo Fukuda, after meeting five abductees who returned from North Korea last October.  It is the first time Tokyo has officially confirmed it is considering sanctions"  8:46:54 AM  permalink  

E Ink says it's close on e-book prototype: "[Spokesman] Button said the company is talking with several other manufacturers to make a commercial version of the paperlike display device within 24 to 36 months. In theory, the technology could be used to create a device the size of a single newspaper or magazine sheet that contains and can display the entire contents of an issue, which could be loaded from an Internet-connected computer through short-range ''Bluetooth'' wireless data systems.  The E Ink display system uses as little as one-tenth to one-thousandth the electricity needed for the screen of a Palm Pilot-type handheld device or a laptop computer, allowing them to be powered by tiny penlight or watch batteries"  8:43:06 AM  permalink  

Where is Raed ?:  The Baghdad blogger is back: "But I am sounding now like the Taxi drivers I have fights with whenever I get into one. Besides asking for outrageous fares (you can't blame them gas prices have gone up 10 times, if you can get it) but they start grumbling and mumbling and at a point they would say something like â01Cwell it wasn't like the mess it is now when we had saddam"hh. This is usually my cue for going into rage-mode. We Iraqis seem to have very short memories, or we simply block the bad times out. I ask them how long it took for us to get the electricity back again after he last war? 2 years until things got to what they are now, after 2 months of war. I ask them how was the water? Bad. Gas for car? None existent. Work? Lots of sitting in street tea shops. And how did everything get back? Hussain Kamel used to literally beat and whip people to do the impossible task of rebuilding. Then the question that would shut them up, so, dear Mr. Taxi driver would you like to have your saddam back? Aren't we just really glad that we can now at least have hope for a new Iraq? Or are we Iraqis just a bunch of impatient fools who do nothing better than grumble and whine? Patience, you have waited for 35 years for days like these so get to working instead of whining. End of conversation."  8:00:09 AM  permalink  

Halliburton linked to deals with 'axis of evil': "Halliburton, the oil services titan once headed by US vice-president Dick Cheney, had done business in Iran, Iraq and Libya for years despite US embargoes, according to documents released this week by Henry Waxman, a member of the US house of representatives. .. The dealings "appear to have continued during the period between 1995 and 2000, when vice-president Cheney headed the company, and they are apparently ongoing even today", said Waxman, a Democrat and frequent critic of President George W Bush's administration... Halliburton "appears to have sought to circumvent these restrictions by setting up subsidiaries in foreign countries and territories like the Cayman Islands". As for the actions of Halliburton offshore subsidiaries, [spokesman] Hall said: "The company believes that the operations of its subsidiaries are in compliance with US laws. "These entities and activities are staffed and managed by non-US personnel." Halliburton, through a subsidiary, recently obtained a contract for Iraq firefighting that could be worth up to $7 billion."

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