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daily link  Tuesday, May 06, 2003

OpenAP - Home: "Here you can find the complete source code, build environment, and instructions for flashing an 802.11 access point with linux 2.4.17. The end product is a linux-based access point providing full wireless services, including multipoint to multipoint wireless bridging (802.1d), while at the same time distributing fully standard 802.11b connections to end users."  Another alternative is Sputnik (story on open sourced version here).  10:33:24 PM  permalink  

TV journalists' war gear grows smaller, better: " Stockholm-based SWE-DISH Satellite Systems, says several of its SNG systems -- including the IPT Suitcase -- are being used by the networks, at prices ranging from $200,000 to $1.4 million. The U.S. military is also a customer: Troops will use the same units to send live images of the war to the U.S. Central Command control center in Qatar. A competing 75-pound SNG system, developed by Raytheon Corp. and Norway's Tandberg Television for NBC News, costs about $130,000. Eric Cooney, chief operating officer of Tandberg Television, said NBC has several ready for use. "  4:55:40 PM  permalink  

Satellite Accessories WORLDSPACE WSSR-11: Review of 2002 $97 worldspace receiver. "Each satellite can carry 40 radio programs as well as DMS (Direct Media Services). DMS provides Internet content. These satellites operate in the L-band (1453.384 to 1490.644 MHz) in QPSK under MPEG 2/Layer 3. "  4:51:33 PM  permalink  

VIA-SAT DATA SYSTEMS INC.: "is a privately owned Canadian corporation operating in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was established in June 1988 as a result of an employee privatization proposal to amalgamate various hydrometeorological data collection programs at B.C. Hydro." Has projects in Asia that do water system data collection.  3:48:12 PM  permalink  

Linux Appliance Software Adds 802.11: Netmax appliance software, based on Red Hat, has vpn and firewall features and will add features to become a wifi access point as well.  2:11:54 PM  permalink  

The best new ideas for rebuilding Iraq.  An ongoing Slate series, including law & order,  building civil society, and creating democratic rule.  12:08:48 PM  permalink  

Iraq reconstruction stalled.  The military doesn't know enough, the contractors aren't let in because of security concerns, the mosques are filling the void in providing services and security.  Hubris, or just lack of planning.  11:50:10 AM  permalink  


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