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daily link  Monday, April 28, 2003

Iraqis Wonder if the Party's Over : "The streets of the capital were filled with speculation today that the former president, still alive and in hiding, would orchestrate a major attack to mark the day he turned 66. Theories abounded, the most prevalent involving the use of chemical weapons. .. The anticipation surrounding Hussein's birthday, once an occasion for a weeklong homage, reflects the steely grip that he had on his country for more years than most Iraqis have been alive. Many find it hard to fathom that the man who had vowed to defend Baghdad to his death simply disappeared from the scene without putting up much of a fight. Three weeks after his departure, many Iraqis still keep Hussein's photograph tucked away, as a kind of insurance in case he should ever reappear.  Many regard his birthday as a potential turning point in a country traumatized by his merciless rule and a succession of wars. A day without event could prove to Iraqis that the man who dominated their lives for three decades is finally gone."  12:03:38 AM  permalink  


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