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daily link  Friday, April 25, 2003

WiFi's Stats: "Most wireless chipsets, or 28 percent, are sold into the home, with 25 percent going to educational institutions such as universities, and 12 percent into health care. About 8 percent of wireless chips are sold into retail, according to Allen Nogee a senior analyst for In-Stat/MDR. Wireless is most popular in the U.S. and Canada, where 65 percent of wireless chipsets are sold, Nogee found. "  10:23:10 AM  permalink  

Online marketers offer new antispam initiative:  "The organization's scheme, called Project Lumos, will revamp the technical architecture through which e-mail is sent. The effort would ease the growing problem of unsolicited and unwanted e-mail, known as spam, .. Under Project Lumos, high-volume mail senders would need to undergo a certification process, and their performance would be monitored by the ESPC to ensure that they maintain best-use practices regarding unsolicited mail. "  8:59:05 AM  permalink  

MHTML - Sending HTML in E-mail: useful jumping off point for info about this file format.  Web content can be saved in this format, with many objects in a single MIME format file.  This allows it to be used for archiving web content as well as mailing it.  8:55:15 AM  permalink  

Spelling correction: "No doubt the United States will offer to buy or lease the land [for bases], but what impact will a permanent US flag presence have on the resurgent Shiites? Oh, and by the way, if were going to be there for a while, we might as well start learning more about them, starting with their name. In Arabic, the plural of Shia -- Shia means party, or partisans -- is Shi'i. The -ite suffix is an English-language creation, a culturally awkward or insensitive amalgam of Arabic and English, squeezed into one word. One no longer refers to Israelis, for example, as 'Israelites'. "  8:37:48 AM  permalink  


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