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daily link  Tuesday, April 22, 2003

movabletype.org : TrackBack Explanation: "TrackBack was designed to provide a method of notification between websites: it is a method of person A saying to person B, "This is something you may be interested in." To do that, person A sends a TrackBack ping to person B."  11:40:17 PM  permalink  

Iraq: the dog that didn't bark? "There were no chemical weapon attacks, there was no "war within a war" between Turkey and the Kurds, no refugee crisis, no mass destruction of oilwells, bridges or dams and there was no "Stalingrad" urban bloodbath.  Was Iraq the dog that didn't bark? ..

The command structure of now-deposed President Saddam Hussein's giant military machine was modelled along Soviet lines: it was one where divisional commanders waited for orders and were not expected, perhaps not trusted, to take initiatives. .. Planners believe their leafleting campaign may also have made Iraqis decide against torching oilheads or destroying bridges, many of which they say were rigged with explosives.

Brookings Senior Fellow Kenneth Pollack .. said U.S. forces saw that Saddam's elite troops were on a back foot and, instead of digging in for a siege, they dashed into the capital before the Iraqis could prepare an urban battlefield.  Military officials boast that Franks's readiness to look for opportunities like this to press forward rather than stick to rigid timelines -- another lesson from Afghanistan -- paid off. ..

U.S. Central Command said on Tuesday that its forces had found 80 surface-to-air missiles as well as extensive caches of modern weaponry since the fighting died down. Analyst Paul Beaver told BBC World the finds were chilling.  "If they had had their command and control in place, if they had had the will, they could have actually delayed this conflict and made it a very long and drawn-out affair," he said.

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Recipe for Car Power: Heat Vegetable Oil, Flip Switch and Go.  NYT story on diesel conversions to run on new or used vegetable oil.  Used oil is free; new oil is still more expensive than diesel, but is trending down.  "The price of vegetable oils and diesels are beginning to come closer because of the growing demand for soy protein for food," Mr. Jobe said. "When you grind up soybeans, you get 80 percent soy meal and 20 percent oil." Furthermore, he said, biodiesel can also be made easily from waste restaurant oil.  8:47:41 AM  permalink  


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