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daily link  Friday, April 18, 2003

Martian Technology: Martian NetDrives are completely silent appliances with file service, wifi, ethernet, usb printer sharing, using 55 watts, with linux under the hood.  About the size of a ream of paper.  10:07:35 PM  permalink  

Cringely on home video and internet: "The dream that every viewer could have his or her own channel is just that, a dream. Today, DSL and cable Internet users are provisioned by their ISPs with about 11 kilobits-per-second of Internet bandwidth, which means 4,000 customers share a 45 megabit-per-second DS-3 line. Even if video compression brings DVD-quality down to requiring only 256 kilobits-per-second, which I believe will happen within three years, that is still 25 times the current available bandwidth. If Moore's Law stays in effect, it will be 12 years before our bandwidth costs and availability match the concept of a video channel for every home, much less for every viewer. This doesn't mean the Internet won't be an important channel for delivering video entertainment. It just means that we'll have to either settle for lower quality pictures or give up the idea of watching live streams. But the Internet for downloadable video makes a lot of sense, especially if ISPs invest in proxy servers for big downloads of popular content by many users. Streaming is a gimmick, but Internet downloading will change television forever"  10:05:29 PM  permalink  

Scars, Mutilation Document Hussein Regime's Torture (washingtonpost.com): "Many of the missing men sought by family members were arrested after 1991. In 1994, a flood of army desertions across the country caused Hussein to issue a decree ordering deserters' ears cut off, and that order appears to have been carried out with particular ferocity here. In 1999, another uprising swept Basra and the cities of the south after Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Sadiq Sadr , a prominent Shiite cleric in the holy city of Najaf, was gunned down with his two sons in an assassination blamed on government operatives.  ..  Torture was considered so routine that many former prisoners shrugged at first when asked about it. "Of course, they tortured me. Beating people here is something regular," said Maithem Naji. ..

Nazar Abdul Razak had half his right ear cut off -- thanks to a bribe. Otherwise, he would have lost it all. His cousin Anwar Abdul Razak had both ears taken. Both men had been caught absent without leave from their military units in 1994..  The doctor who performed the operation on Anwar seemed distraught. "The party members were standing beside him as he was doing it. They forced him to do it. The doctor was afraid." ..  On the first day that the order came down, at Basra Teaching Hospital, one doctor refused and "they told him, if you refuse, you will get the same punishment," Sabagh recalled. The doctor eventually participated.

Anwar's cousin Nazar fared only slightly better, because he worked for a rich man. When Nazar was caught, Kubba gave him 1 million Iraqi dinars to pay the Baath Party officials at Basra General Hospital, where he was taken, they both said..

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