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daily link  Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Stalin's end: "Terrified that Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was about to launch a full-scale nuclear attack on the United States and a second mass-murder campaign causing tens of millions of deaths, his underlings secretly murdered him with rat poison, a major study concludes. .. the new study by Russian and U.S. historians argues that he appears to have ingested warfarin, a flavourless rat poison that thins the blood and causes strokes and hemorrhages.  "The circumstantial evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of non-fortuitous death," said Yale University history professor Jonathan Brent. "And to support this further, we now have solid evidence, non-circumstantial evidence, of a cover-up at the highest level." 

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U.S. Bombs Iranian Guerrilla Forces Based in Iraq: "American forces have bombed the bases of the main armed Iranian opposition group in Iraq, a guerrilla organization that maintained thousands of fighters with tanks and artillery along Iraq's border with Iran for more than a decade. The group, the Mujahedeen Khalq, has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United States since 1997, and Bush administration officials said the group had supported Saddam Hussein's military. Still, the biggest beneficiary of the strikes will be the Iranian government, which has lost scores of soldiers in recent years to cross-border attacks by the guerrillas seeking to overthrow Iran's Islamic government"  9:03:07 PM  permalink  

6kw Alkaline FuelCells: "Independent Power Technologies Ltd (IPT) has introduced an industrial prototype of 6 kW Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC) generator .. Rapid start-up and shut-down features allow the generator to be used for various auxiliary and back-up power supplies;  A built-in hydrogen burner enabling a start-up of the generator in cold conditions. "We consider development of this generator to be a significant milestone in the triumphal advancement of fuel cell technology in general and AFC technology in particular" said the Chairman of the Board, Professor Greg Shcherbakovskiy. IPT is a privately owned Russian fuel cell company.."  10:59:32 AM  permalink  


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