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daily link  Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Americans fire on a political rally in Mosul: "American soldiers killed at least 10 Iraqis and wounded dozens of others yesterday when they reportedly fired on a political rally in Mosul. "There are perhaps 100 wounded and 10 or 12 dead," said Ayad al-Ramadhani, director of the Republican Hospital in Mosul. The shooting of civilians will further sour the mood in Iraq, where there were three other protests yesterday against an American occupation. The events leading up to the deaths are still unclear. Said Altah, another doctor at the hospital, said: "The wounded say that the crowd was listening to a speech by the new governor, Mihsan al-Jaburi." Mr Jaburi is a member of the Iraqi opposition who entered the northern city with Kurdish forces last week. Mr Jaburi had said that co-operation with the Americans was necessary. This angered the crowd and, in circumstances still unexplained, the troops fired.. .. The American forces in northern Iraq appear to have been taken unawares by the rapidly changing political situation last week, one Kurdish party sent its forces to capture Kirkuk, also in the north, contrary to previous agreements."  7:46:36 PM  permalink  


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