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daily link  Wednesday, April 09, 2003

As the Capital Falls, Leaders Disappear (washingtonpost.com): Saddam "probably prefers to make a last stand in Tikrit.  His support is so strong there, said Pollack, research director of the Brookings Institution's Saban Center, that "this could be a Mogadishu. There is a civilian population who are willing to actively assist Saddam's loyalists." There was fairly credible intelligence reporting from more than a week ago that Hussein's first wife and other relatives had left Baghdad and probably are in Tikrit."  11:42:53 PM  permalink  

Cheers, Tears and Looting in Capital's Streets: "Muslim clerics quickly organized an event that could not hardly have been dreamed of as late as Monday night: the re-opening of Al Mohsen mosque, the central place of worship for all Shiites in Saddam City, which was closed four years ago after Republican Guard units opened fire on demonstrators who gathered around the mosque in protesting against the killing of one of Iraq's most venerable Shiite clerics. By lunchtime today, more than 1,000 people had gathered in and around the cool courtyard of the mosque, and crammed inside to hear the chief cleric, Sheik Amer al-Minshidawi, give the first sermon there in years from a raised wooden throne that serves as a pulpit.

His message was directed only in part at Mr. Hussein. "We have to repair everything that has been destroyed by the tyrant Saddam," he said. Then, he quickly moved on to a message for Americans. An American Jewish scholar, he said, without giving a name, had described Islam as a "religion of terrorism." It was the duty of the duty of Shiites in Iraq, he said, now that they had been liberated by American troops, to prove that allegation wrong. "We must teach the world that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and love.""

  11:22:01 PM  permalink  

Daily Kos: Iraq in coming days: "Tom Friedman suggested that Iraq was either an Arab Switzerland or an Arab Yugoslavia. I would suggest a third alternative: an Arab Congo."  Fears of anarchy, neighboring country meddling, and rising hate of the west.  The debate in the comments to the posting are good reading, with balancing links.  12:16:19 AM  permalink  


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