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daily link  Tuesday, March 25, 2003

ISO 17799 Service & Software Directory: "ISO17799 is a detailed security standard. It is organised into ten major sections..."  Looks like IT is getting less fun every day...  5:55:06 PM  permalink  

BP Solar supplies 4000 solar systems for rural telecommunications (Nov 15, 2002): "The Export-Import Bank of the United States, an independent federal government agency, has confirmed the financing with a US$2.4 million medium-term loan of a telecommunications project in Peru using BP Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. ALLFIRST bank will act as intermediary in this operation.  With this project, known as Fitel, 4,000 PV systems (approximately 580 kW) will be provided by BP Solar Latin America. This will enable remote community centers that currently lack access to the electricity grid to conduct voice and data transmissions, which may include telephone, fax and internet services. .. The installation of this rural telecommunication system in Peru will benefit close to 3,000,000 people (ca. 10% of the current population of the country), providing them with telecom access and connection. "  12:36:19 PM  permalink  

'Uprising' reported in Basra: "[A] British military intelligence official said there appeared to be some form of civilian revolt taking place, but as yet there is no independent confirmation of the report.  According to military intelligence officials, Iraqi troops in the city have turned mortar fire on their own civilians in an attempt to crush the unrest.  Journalist Richard Gaisford, who is with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards just outside Basra, says the British troops are bombarding the mortar positions in an effort to support the uprising."  Meanwhile, the BBC Reporters' Log carries reports "

  • British troops have replaced American marines in Umm Qasr. .. The Royal Marines are very experienced at urban conflict, patrolling street to street and zoning off areas. And they have a much more 'hearts and minds' approach than the Americans. .. [They] have massive experience, from Northern Ireland, and from the Balkans .. probably a great deal more experienced than American forces in the region..  The Americans tended to be much more confrontational. If they saw problems they tended to retreat and open fire if necessary. Whereas the British approach certainly has been to move in with a small squad, surround the area, and detain a few people.
  • In Nasirya, "American marines have taken control of a hospital complex in the town which they accuse Iraqi troops of using to fire on US troops. More than 100 Iraqis were taken prisoner but most in the building fled, according to marine officers. There were crates with large quantities of nuclear, biological and chemical protection suits. In another hospital room there were boxes full of AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition. US marines who took control of the complex earlier today say they also found explosives. I could not verify reports by US marines that they had been fired on from the building.  But in corridors and now badly-damaged wards there were many discarded Iraqi uniforms. In an outside storage room, I saw the bodies of three Iraqi soldiers in uniform."
  11:12:08 AM  permalink  


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