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daily link  Monday, March 24, 2003

The Agonist : "A small fire-fight by Special Forces elements erupted inside Baghdad today. They ambushed someone and then vanished. There's a hunt on for them now. My source said the team got away ok. Their tactics are that they target people who won't negotiate surrender, thus all the commanders know they're fair game unless they deal. It keeps the Iraqi leaders from free movement without major escorts (which then are targeted with remotely detonated explosives against convoys). Source, AV. "  10:47:40 PM  permalink  

Enzymes prepare vodka for fuel cells: "An enzyme-catalysed battery has been created that could one day run cell phones and laptop computers on shots of vodka.  The key to the device is a new polymer that protects the fragile enzymes used to break down the ethanol fuel" into hydrogen for a fuel cell.  10:33:08 PM  permalink  

Where is Raed ?: Intense blog from Baghdad household.  "around 6:30 my uncle went out to get bread, he said that all the streets going to the main arterial roads are controlled by Ba'ath people. not curfew but you have to have a reason to leave your neighborhood, and the bakeries are, by instruction of the Party, seeling only a limited amount of bread to each customer. he also says that near the main roads all the yet unfinished houses have been taken by party or army people. .. On BBC we are watching scenes of Iraqis surrendering. My youngest cousin was muttering 'what shame' to himself, yes it is better for them to do that but still seeing them carrying that white flag makes something deep inside you cringe."  12:20:17 PM  permalink  

Gen. Wesley Clark: Someone to keep an eye on, a Democrat and internationalist:  "Rather than presenting the international community with a problem and asking its assistance in helping to resolve it, the United States government effectively presented the solution and asked for countries to agree with its views. And too many didn't. "  11:59:14 AM  permalink  

FT on Iran & Iraq: "Iran is the only one of Iraq's neighbours that wholeheartedly supports regime change in Baghdad, even if via a US-led invasion. Getting rid of Saddam Hussein and his government is one of the few objectives on which the various factions of the Tehran regime agree. Since becoming convinced that the Bush administration is indeed determined to effect forcible change in Iraq, Tehran has been egging on Washington, albeit in private. Whenever the US has needed Tehran's help, the Iranians have been more than happy to oblige."  11:40:20 AM  permalink  


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