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daily link  Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Carmanah.com [Self-Contained, Solar-Powered LED Lights]:  Among other products, they produce the I-Stop bus stop unit that has solar cells to power:
  • A patented flashing beacon to notify an oncoming bus that a stop is requested (they say missed stops are the #1 customer complaint);
  • Security down lighting so waiting passengers don't have to stand in darkness, and;
  • An illuminated transit timetable for nighttime readability.

"As the i-STOP(tm) is solar-powered, it requires no external wiring, trenching or disruption to traffic patterns during installation. It also enables transit agencies to avoid the time-consuming permit process typical of hardwired lighting systems."  And, it could make an interesting model wireless pop...


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Netherlands expands CDM projects: "The Dutch Environment Ministry today announced approval of 18 projects to cut greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries under the UN Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The Netherlands buys those reductions and uses them to meet part of its own reduction commitments.  All 18 projects focus on sustainable energy and clean technologies and will take place in Bolivia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Indonesia, Jamaica and Panama ..  including hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power initatives. .. The 18 projects announced today should cut emissions by 16 metric tons. The government aims to achieve the planned balance of 46 million metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions in developing countries through memorandums of understanding with various governments and through contracts with financial institutions. "  9:11:29 PM  permalink  

The end of just means : "George W Bush wouldn't know a dilemma if he ran over one with his SUV. He has a simpler and more robust certitude. He began with the conclusion that Saddam must go, which is why the retrospective justifications he has thrown up have dissuaded billions of people across the world from believing in him or his cause. Is this war about stopping another Sept 11, rescuing Iraqis from tyranny, getting the guy who tried to kill his dad, payback time for the Republican loss in 1992, making the Middle East safe for Sharon, stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction or, most improbably of all, enforcing U.N. decisions  whether the U.N. wants them enforced or not? Pick any permutation of the above...

George W Bush, with the same impatience he showed with Florida's hanging chads, has made it plain that he wanted a war from the very beginning and that he was not prepared to wait for a Security Council recount.

In times past, many antiwar protestors have been almost a mirror image of the Bush school. They have begun with the assumption that the United States is always wrong, and then thrown in their arguments retrospectively and equally randomly and inconsistently.  There are still people who will swear that the massacre at Racak in Kosovo was staged, even thought the forensic scientist whose report they quote has publicly rebutted their claims. They will also swear that the Serbs "only" killed 2,000 Kosovars, although far more than twice that many bodies have been exhumed. Some of them still see Slobodan Milosevic as some saintly modern martyr to anti-globalization.

What has fuelled the antiwar protests have been the hypocrisy, incoherence, duplicity, bullying and manipulation of the Bush Administration. Not only has the administration lied, it has consistently been found out. As we have said before, like the L.A. Police Department in the O.J. Simpson case, they have tried to frame a guilty man."

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Ramsey Clark: Report to UN Security Council re: Iraq, 1/26/2000: "The Oil for Food Program has never been anything more than a means for slowly increasing the rate of destruction of the people of Iraq. Security Council Resolution 1284 is simply a means of starting the process over again. During three years under the program from 1996 to 1999, well over 200,000 children under age five died in drastically increasing numbers each year at a rate growing from just under 9 to well over 10 times the number who died in 1989. That experience must not be repeated. The sanctions must be ended now. It is criminal to hold the lives of the people of Iraq hostage to demands of the U.S. against their government, whatever those demands may be. In war it is prohibited to use starvation as a weapon. Medical aid must be given enemy wounded. Under sanctions an Iraqi is being deliberately killed every two minutes by conditions of life inflicted by the sanctions. Sanctions are the functional equivalent of pointing guns at the heads of Iraq's children and elderly while saying do what we demand to their government, or we will shoot, then pulling a trigger every two minutes, or less. To save the United Nations in the judgment of history, the Security Council must end the sanctions immediately. They are genocide.  .. [By] illustration total annual deaths of children in Iraq under the age of five from respiratory infection, diarrhea and gastroenteritis and malnutrition are: 

  • 1989: 7110
  • 1991: 27473
  • 1994: 52905
  • 1997: 58845
  • 1998: 71279
  • 1999(Jan.- Nov.):   73572
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