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daily link  Thursday, March 06, 2003

Spam costs: "Gartner analysts predict that left unchecked, spam will comprise over 50% of corporate email by 2004.  ... According to the Ferris Group, in 2003, corporations will occur $10 billion in costs related to spam."  4:59:24 PM  permalink  

Leon V. Sigal on North Korea policy: Interview with the director of the Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project at the Social Science Research Council in New York:  "North Korea has been clear about stating that it's prepared to refreeze the plutonium program and negotiate a verifiable end to their uranium enrichment program. In return, they would like the U.S. to state in writing that we will not attack them, impede their economic development (no sanctions), and respect their sovereignty (don't attempt to overthrow their government)... Returning to 1994 accord, this is exactly what the U.S. pledged in writing but failed to carry out. Until true negotiation takes place – not talks with ultimatums, not multilateral discussions where only the U.S. plays a role – only the U.S can give security assurances to the North on behalf of America, not China, not South Korea, not Japan. The North Koreans have given unambiguous warnings to U.S. officials, and in public on numerous occasions in 1997, that if America fails to live up to the 1994 agreement, then they will do the same.

Despite all the fairytale stories sold, the bottom line is that the U.S. during the Clinton Administration failed to live up to the 1994 agreement. When the Administration starting cooperating in 1999, the North imposed a moratorium on booster missile test launches, which still remains in place. In June 2000, when the U.S. eased sanctions against North Korea in accordance with the Enemy Act, two weeks later, Kim Jong-Il, sends his second in command to Washington. The joint statement arising from the meeting says that, “neither government shall have hostile intent towards the other”. So, what does it mean then when the President declares North Korea to be part of an axis of evil, and threatens preemptive war? Doesn't this constitute an end to the June 2000 commitment of no hostile intent, on the part of the Bush Administration? ..

Serious talks between the North and South are taking place, and normalization talks between the North Korean's and Japanese. Essentially, this whole region views the U.S. as the odd man out causing the trouble"

  3:35:16 PM  permalink  

Police use radioation sensors, catch patients after radiation treatment: From the AMA:  "We recently treated a 34-year-old man for Graves disease with 20 mCi of iodine 131. .. Three weeks after treatment, he returned to our clinic complaining that he had been strip-searched twice at Manhattan subway stations. Police had identified him as emitting radiation and had detained him for further questioning. He returned to the clinic and requested a letter stating that he had recently been treated with radioactive iodine. This patient's experience indicates that radiation detection devices are being installed in public places in New York City and perhaps elsewhere. Patients who have been treated with radioactive iodine or other isotopes may be identified and interrogated by the police because of the radiation they emit."  8:34:16 AM  permalink  


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