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daily link  Sunday, March 02, 2003

Steve Jurvetson: late 2002 interview with the usual themes on accelerating change.  10:36:17 PM  permalink  

Chicago Tribune | Country code opens gate to Web phoning: "The International Telecommunications Union has assigned the Internet its own country code--87810--to enable people using regular telephones to dial up folks who use the Internet for voice communications. There are probably 100,000 people around the world now who make and receive phone calls over the Internet."  9:31:49 PM  permalink  

Architect of New York's day of terror: Summary of the career of the just-arrested architect of 9/11.  "Khalid Sheikh Mohammad never ran from his pursuers. He hid in plain sight. Partly this was arrogance, the conceit of a man who had operated at the top levels of international terrorism for more than a decade. But it was also due to faith and a twisted world view. Mohammad felt, and no doubt still feels, himself to be one of the elect, part of the vanguard tasked by God to organise a wave of terror designed to rouse the Muslim community and precipitate an apocalyptic global conflict between the forces of belief and unbelief."  4:50:14 PM  permalink  

Lessons from Kosovo: "When the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR) rolled into the province on 11 June 1999, they feared resistance from remaining Yugoslav army and paramilitary forces, as well as retaliation attacks against KFOR from the local Serb population.  In fact (as should have been anticipated) the problems of those first few months were completely different - a complete security vacuum, with horrific crimes of revenge perpetrated against the Serb civilian population by Albanian extremists. NATO and the UN were shown to be impotent, and they - and Kosovo's population - are still paying for that early failure.

NATO also failed to effectively neutralize its former allies from the 1999 conflict, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). .. KLA fighters were still able to exacerbate armed conflicts in South Serbia in 2000 and Macedonia in 2001. It is not sufficient to disarm the enemy - to get a peaceful environment, you have to disarm your allies as well...

Three and a half years down the line, Kosovo now has a President, a Prime Minister, and a functioning government. However international administrators are finding it hard to let go. Consultation mechanisms with local leaders have not been institutionalized, and critical information is kept in the hands of internationals."

  4:39:12 PM  permalink  

The only way to peace: Review of the alternatives to war.  "Into the confusion steps José Ramos-Horta. The winner of the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize doesn't help when he announces that war against Iraq may be necessary..."  4:17:53 PM  permalink  


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