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daily link  Thursday, February 13, 2003

Critique of Bush/Cheney pre-eminence doctrine: "the Bush Administration says that we will be so preeminent that no other country even thinks of taking us on. My view is that this force will provoke precisely the balancing behavior that the Bush Administration thinks it's avoiding. This is essentially a laboratory for competing theories to be tested. Bush says that the stronger we are and the more blustery our leadership, the more the world will follow. I would say, the stronger we are and the more blustery our leadership, the more the world will lock arms against us. And now we're going to see who's right. "  6:17:53 PM  permalink  

Germany close to Kyoto target: According to Germany’s Environment Minister, Jürgen Trittin of the Green Party, "Germany is getting closer to the objective it agreed on in the Kyoto Climate Protocol of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) production. 'We have already achieved a 19 per cent reduction out of the 21 per cent that we promised to implement up to the year 2012,' Minister Trittin said Tuesday. 'No country can boast of comparable achievements with regard to climate protection. Germany had reduced the production of greenhouse gasses more than the entire EU put together,' he added. Trittin emphasized that if the federal government were to continue its strategy of reducing CO2, it would even exceed its objective. "  12:11:10 AM  permalink  


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