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daily link  Tuesday, February 04, 2003

New Server at Peer 1 Network: Instructive story of colocating a server at a data center.  5:07:34 PM  permalink  

Wi-Fi for WISPs: Review of wireless ISP options, with notes on Etherlinx: "Furrier's company is taking a different tack. Etherlinx uses off-the-shelf 802.11 hardware and modifies it to work in an entirely different manner. The result is a wireless service that can stretch 20 miles instead of a few hundred feet and can be relayed from station to station in ways similar to a mesh network. One set of the antenna and radio hardware can support 94 subscribers, each with DSL-like speeds of 256kbps."  There's also a Nov 2002 email interview with Furrier.  11:15:45 AM  permalink  


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