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daily link  Friday, January 31, 2003

South Africa: Project to Bring Light to Kwazulu: "A R300m public private partnership project to supply 50000 solar home systems to houses in northern KwaZulu-Natal was launched at the weekend. The venture follows the success of a pilot project funded by the Dutch Programme for Co-operation with Developing Markets in which 400 solar home systems were installed in the remote region... [Power utility] NuRa Managing Director Marius Willemse said yesterday the solar electricity would be provided on a fee-for-service basis with the R58 basic charge being in line with the cost of candles, batteries and paraffin for rural families. ..  [NuRa will establish] energy stores to service specific regions.  Each energy store serviced its customers and communicated with the NuRa headquarters."  3:20:25 PM  permalink  

The Propaganda Remix Project:  Amazing collection of anti-Bush images -- for sale!  12:17:33 PM  permalink  


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